Made with the best ingredients you can imagine. Using this product, you will prepare the best pizzas ever, but in fun way. From now on, you will not worry about preparing dough for pizza.

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    Dough for Two Slices of Pizza from Biocop: the simplest way to prepare some delicious pizza.

    Dough for Two Slices of Pizza from Biocop is made with the purpose of doing simpler the preparation of homemade pizza, each of these bases is made with quality ingredients.

    This product will give your pizza a unique flavor. They are ready to cook, you just need to add all the ingredients you want to your pizza and then bake. It is a dough made of wholemeal wheat flour combined with wheat flour, plus yeast, so you can prepare, in a simple, perfectly natural and fun way, the most delicious recipes.

    Apart from the aforementioned ingredients of Dough for Two Slices of Pizza from Biocop, it contains extra virgin olive oil, which is excellent for your health, olive oil is one of the best ingredients that can be used in the kitchen. Now, you do not have to visit the pizzeria of your preference and to eat the pizza you like the most, instead, dare to innovate, reinvent the flavor of pizza and, especially, eat a perfectly natural product that was designed to keep your well-being and help you satisfy your cravings for pizza in a healthy way.

    Whether you make them for an event or to surprise that a special person or the whole family, always bear in mind that you will be using a perfectly natural product, without any artificial ingredient. It can even be part of the diet of vegan people, but given the kind of ingredient used to make this product, it is not recommended for coeliac sufferers. So, get down to business, an with this excellent and perfectly natural product make some pizza very easily to enjoy the most incredible and unforgettable moments of culinary pleasure with the most exquisite flavor that you could imagine.

    Facts of Dough for Two Slices of Pizza from Biocop.

    • Each and every one of its ingredients are completely natural.
    • Comes ready for baking, but before, you just need to dress and season it with ingredients of your preference.
    • Was designed to be included in any type of diet.
    • Does not contain any flavoring or artificial ingredient.
    • Comes seasoned with olive oil, which will give a special and unique touch to your meals.

    Dough for Two Slices of Pizza from Biocop will be your perfect product to create the most delicious pizzas, ideal for offering your guests and yourself a quality product with a unique freshness and flavor that will give your meals excellent results. Be sure to seize the opportunity and acquire as soon as possible this product and enjoy the most exquisite flavor on the market.

    Recommended use: the only thing you will need to do is adding your favorite ingredients and put inside the oven. It is not recommended for people intolerant to gluten or lactose.

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