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Noberasco Pine Nuts - 70 g

Noberasco Pine Nuts from Biocop are nuts from the pine tree, grown in a biological way. These are obtained when they get ripe. These nuts are an excellent product to promote the formation of muscles and tissues.

    Noberasco Pine Nuts from Biocop are rich and valuable nuts that contain the nutrients you need. A natural fruit excellent for keeping the energy of your body up for a long time!

    Pine nuts take several years to reproduce and finally when the pineapple is ripe they are extracted. The process of extraction of the pine nuts takes a lot of work, so they represent a very valuable source of nutrients. Noberasco Pine Nuts from Biocop can be consumed, like other nuts, raw or roasted. They can be added to other foods to create rich mixes of flavors.

    Noberasco Pine Nuts from Biocop is a natural product that comes from biological farming. Where the environment is respected, no chemical additives are used for cultivation. Pine nuts stand out for their high-protein value, which represents a quality vegetable protein, therefore it is important for people who carry out sports activities, children and those who are on a balanced diet. Pine nuts contain in their composition a high percentage of proteins, which are necessary for the construction of muscles and tissues. Moreover, these nuts represent an excellent source of amino acids and even though pine nuts are small they contain a large amount of nutrients that benefit all those who consume it and are on a healthy diet. Likewise, it is excellent for people who perform sports.

    The pine nuts have a very pleasant taste, similar to that of the almond. The consumption of pine nuts helps to improve the cardiac function, allowing to have a healthy heart, since it contains healthy fats. It also contains iron, which is a mineral necessary in the formation of red blood cells, improves eyesight through its contribution of vitamin A and lutein, very necessary to have a good eyesight.

    Facts of Noberasco Pine Nuts from Biocop

    • Rich in proteins.
    • Contains healthy fats.
    • Source of vitamin A.
    • Improves physical performance.
    • Provides the body with energy to perform activities.
    • Contains essential minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.
    • Rich in amino acids, which help to rebuild and increase the musculature.

    These delicious pine nuts are recommended to regain energy consumed in activities. They are also ideal to be consumed after training, since it is recommended for the regaining of energy and protein. It is a source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids required for the correct functioning of the body. This product provides a source of health benefits, despite its small size, it offers a lot of benefits. Pine nuts are valuable nuts that you could eat to obtain their benefits.

    Recommended use: this product comes ready for consumption. It can be eaten as it is or combined with other ingredients for the preparation of dishes, desserts and snacks.

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