100% organic pineapple juice, without added sugars or artificial additives. Pineapple Juice Vitamont from Biocop has a delicious pineapple flavor, is high in potassium and low in sodium, ideal to carry and drink anywhere.

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    Ideal to strengthen your immune system, as well as to provide your body with more energy. For children and adults, Pineapple Juice Vitamont from Biocop is the best.

    100% natural tasty drink whose ingredients come from the biological farming, provides vitamins and minerals which are preserved intact because its processing is done non-invasively, the composition of Pineapple Juice Vitamont is 100% natural without preservatives to support the health care, ideal for all those people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. This magnificent packaged juice is ideal to drink at any time of the day, its flavor is exquisite and refreshing, it is perfect for children's snack or drink along with their meals.

    Biocop does not stop surprising us with its delicious natural flavors. Now it does it with Pineapple Juice Vitamont, which comes from organic farming, so it keeps intact all the original properties of the pineapple and only contains natural sugars present in the fruit. Pineapple, thanks to its high content of potassium and its low sodium content, acts effectively against cellulite appearance and fatty buildup. It also has vitamins A, group B and C, making Pineapple Juice Vitamont from Biocop an excellent source of antioxidants that combats free radicals and delays aging.

    It is a great way to start the day full of energy and vitality, it is recommended for athletes to consume it since its great energizing properties will be of great help to train with energy. Pineapple Juice Vitamont is a product that has been packaged under strict safety and hygiene standards, presented in a six-pack format, which once opened can be kept in the refrigerator for later consumption. Vitamont is a French company that is dedicated to the production of fruit and vegetable juices and other beverages with ingredients from organic farming, which is why its products are delicious, nutritious and natural, in short, a good option for the family.

    Facts of Pineapple Juice Vitamont from Biocop

    • 100% natural pineapple juice.
    • Ingredients from organic farming.
    • Contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
    • Delicious natural flavor.
    • Excellent antioxidant.
    • Without added sugar.
    • No colorings or artificial preservatives.

    You can start the morning with the consumption of a delicious pineapple juice while you give your body a great source of vitamins and minerals. Pineapple Juice Vitamont from Biocop is excellent for people who want to strengthen their immune system so that it can respond correctly to the attacks of pathogens. This delicious drink will brighten up your day with its refreshing taste.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, drink it at breakfast, snack or also as a soft drink. Shake before drinking. Preferably, pour cold. Keep at room temperature. Once opened, it is preserved a few days in the refrigerator.

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