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Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto - 130 g

Enjoying the freshness and taste of Italian sauces is really a pleasure of life, much more when it comes to Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto from Biocop, which has become the new favorite of tons of people, mainly for its quality and price. If you want to gather your family together at a single table, you must serve this delicious sauce; everyone will thank you for it.

    Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto from Biocop is perfect to give your family the opportunity to taste a delicious strong Italian sauce.

    The temptation to add sauces to your recipes will no longer be a problem for you thanks to Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto from Biocop: a subtle variation of the conventional pesto recipe. Fresh basil is from Genoa, as well as its Parmesan cheese. The taste is exquisite and unique, perfect for those who opt for a much stronger flavor and, of course, different from what they are used to.

    Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto from Biocop is a product made from red pesto, a much more common variation internationally, therefore it is much more pleasant to all types of consumers, with a lot of freshness and singularity, which will give your preparations all the flavor and intensity that they need to please you. Its basic ingredients are: oregano, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, Genovesa basil, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt, nuts, mushrooms and traces of soy; all of organic origin, from cultivation to packaging.

    This sauce made with red pesto is ideal for anyone who enjoys a meal with a strong flavor and the Italian touch. From now on, your recipes will receive an exquisite taste, so do not hesitate to add it to spelt or wholegrain pasta to make the most of its benefits and flavor.

    Likewise, it can also be added easily without being boiled or heated to wholemeal bread, salads, cooked vegetables and sandwiches. To make appetizers and bruschetta (Italian toasted bread sprinkled with olive oil and garlic), it becomes the perfect ally for the enjoyment of the whole family, much more on those moments when you do not have much time available to make meals that require considerable time to prepare.

    Facts of Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto from Biocop

    • Provides an excellent and high content of healthy fiber and fats throughout your body.
    • Accelerates and facilitates the digestion process.
    • Gives a feeling of fullness for several hours.
    • The best alternative to artificial condiments.
    • A sauce made from quality ingredients of organic origin.
    • Does not contain added saturated fats.

    Pesto is the Italian sauce par excellence, and it is used in haute cuisine businesses as a secret ingredient that gives that characteristic flavor to the most outstanding dishes. And now you can get all that when you add Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto from Biocop to your favorite foods. Excellent to pamper your family with the best sauce.

    Recommended use: season your favorite pasta dishes with a healthy sauce by adding Artigiana Rosso Genovese Pesto from Biocop to taste, preferably during the day to facilitate the digestive process. Store in a glass jar, preferably in the refrigerator.

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