Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop is an exquisite vegetable sauce from the Genovese tradition that includes in its composition Reggiano parmesan cheese, basil and virgin olive oil. It is very delicious to eat with a dish of al dente pasta, or even with vegetables or sandwiches.

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    Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop is a vegetable, very healthy and delicious sauce that is ideal to accompany pasta dishes.

    Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop is a delicious and healthy sauce that can be used as the perfect accompaniment to pasta, as it is prepared according to the Genovese tradition, in which has been included the best fresh basil leaves, olive oil and Reggiano Parmesan cheese. It is intended to be poured over top of pasta and enjoy a true Italian delight. It has a very nice granulated consistency, in addition, it has not been pasteurized in order to preserve the authentic natural taste of basil.

    Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop is a sauce of the Italian cuisine that is prepared in almost every home. It is a vegetable sauce that boosts the taste of pasta without having to add another condiment to enjoy them, therefore, this sauce is all that is needed to pour over food and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, as if it were a delicacy of the gods.

    Now, this product is prepared ecologically and with a very high quality. In that sense, the Genovese tradition has been taken into account, so that you and your family can feel the true taste of the Mediterranean pesto. To make it, very fresh leaves of basil have been selected, then crushed by hand, and additionally, olive oil and Reggiano Parmesan cheese have been included.

    This combination reaches a very delicious taste. However, it also gives a very thick and grainy consistency. This sauce has not been pasteurized, so you can appreciate the magnificent original taste of basil, that is, less processed, so that you will enjoy a 100% healthy and natural product.

    The most incredible thing is that Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop is a very healthy alternative to take delight in a tasty dish of pasta, since its ingredients have been selected for their great nutritional properties, for example, the Parmesan cheese provides high-quality proteins, basil is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. As for olive oil, it has essential fats that benefit our overall health.

    Facts of Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop

    • Prepared according to the Genovese tradition.
    • Its exquisite flavor is like that the original pesto.
    • Has a thick and grainy consistency.
    • Unpasteurized and unprocessed.

    It is unlikely that you could resist a pasta deliciously accompanied with Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop, so do not wait any longer and take delight in its flavor and all its properties, at the best price.

    Recommended use: add one or two tablespoons, to taste, of Genovese Artigiana Pesto from Biocop on pasta dishes to enjoy the best vegetable sauce. You can also eat it with salads, vegetables or smearing it on sandwiches.

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