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Condiment Parsley - 8g

Condiment Parsley from Biocop is a great alternative to be used in any kitchen recipe. It is made from 100% natural raw material, obtained from the so-called organic farming. It is a perfect condiment to enhance the flavor, to aromatize or to garnish the dishes. An ideal choice for lovers of gastronomy.

    Condiment Parsley from Biocop, ideal to flavor the best dishes, giving an exquisite touch to the meals.

    Condiment Parsley from Biocop es una excelente opción para aderezar gran variedad de recetas. Se trata de un adobo 100% natural, cuyos ingredientes son obtenidos por medio de la agricultura ecológica. Su principal componente son las hojas y tallos molidos de la especie conocida con el nombre de perejil (Petroselinum crispum), la cual es de tipo herbáceo y se usa desde hace siglos como aromatizante en la gastronomía de diversas zonas del planeta.

    This plant organism comes from the Mediterranean, but has adapted easily to various climates of the world. For this reason, it is extremely popular and people often require parsley on a recurring basis in their culinary preparations. With the help of this seasoning, you can enhance the flavor and is also use it to garnish dishes. To top it off, it is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. It is a condiment that not only gives a better touch to the culinary preparations, but also brings several benefits to health.

    Condiments have become a necessary ingredient of various recipes. They allow to enhance the flavor, to dress dishes and to provide them with an exquisite aroma that stimulates the taste. Precisely, one of the most popular condiments in the world is parsley. It has been grown for centuries for gastronomic purposes, and is currently used in almost all regions of the world. In the case of Condiment Parsley from Biocop, it is made from completely natural raw material obtained from so-called organic farming. The latter means that no pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or genetic manipulation technology have been used. This ensures that its qualities and taste remain intact, perfect for healthy consumption by humans.

    Facts of Condiment Parsley from Biocop

    • Perfect for garnishing recipes
    • Made from the Petroselinum crispum plant
    • Enhances the flavor of the dishes and help dress them
    • From 100% natural ingredients
    • Organic farming: without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers
    • Aromatic qualities in culinary recipes
    • Attractive and practical pack

    Parsley is a condiment present in the gastronomy of many areas of the world. It is perfect for aromatizing, flavoring and dressing various recipes. For this reason, this version is offered, which is also made with ingredients obtained from organic farming.

    Recommended use: it can be added to various recipes, being ideal to spread it moderately on food. Perfect for soups, cooked and even dry dishes where it is ideal for garnishing the sides.

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