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Orange Compote with Ginger - 280g

Orange Compote with Ginger from Biocop is a delicious sweet preserve, with a thick texture and an insurmountable aroma, you will also find pieces of fruit in it; This compote is ideal to accompany bread toast, cookies or pancakes, it can also be used as an ingredient in desserts such as sponge cake, yogurt, among others.

    Orange Compote with Ginger from Biocop is ideal to make fantastic desserts and enjoy the rich flavor of orange and the spicy touch of Ginger. Compote with the perfect combination!

    Orange Compote with Ginger from Biocop is a very popular sweet made in this particular case with ripe oranges of great quality and a pinch of powdered ginger that gives that spicy and daring touch, in addition, it is sweetened with apple juice concentrate, that is, it does not contain added sugars; On the other hand, its cooking was slow and at minimum temperature in order to obtain all the flavor and the wonderful aroma that this fruit gives off when cooked. The preparation of this product does not represent any damage to the environment, since it is based on the new organic farming, from there the ingredients for the preparation are obtained, the result is incredibly tasty.

    Orange Compote with Ginger from Biocop is an exquisite and versatile product that can be used to spread, to fill a dessert or simply to eat on its own; any time of the day is perfect to eat it and delight in its flavor, however, it is the perfect dressing for breakfast toast, offering a healthy and natural meal, it can also be eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch or between the latter mentioned and the dinner. This compote offers quality, an excellent flavor, a pleasant texture to the palate and a wonderful aroma, the best taken from agriculture friendly with the environment.

    Orange Compote with Ginger from Biocop is the ideal dessert for anyone, it can be used by sportsmen, athletes, people on weight loss regimes, children, among others. Offering a delight to the palate, without guilt, or remorse and much less concerns about the added sugars, since this product is free of it, where it is known that consuming them in large quantities can be harmful to health; nothing compares with the particular and especially rich flavor of orange along with the sweetness of the apple juice and the spicy touch of ginger, an interesting and imposing combination, in addition to its rich aroma and texture with pieces of fruit that invites to continue eating.

    Facts of Orange Compote with Ginger from Biocop

    • Great taste
    • Exquisite aroma
    • Creamy texture
    • Contains pieces of fruit
    • Retains versatile use
    • No sugar added
    • Organic farming ingredients
    • Environmentally friendly

    Orange Compote with Ginger from Biocop is the perfect dressing to some crunchy toast at breakfast or the special touch to the snack, offering an unparalleled experience, with flavors and textures that will conquer you and you will not want to leave.

    Recommended use: use as a dressing at breakfast or as a snack. Serve to taste.

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