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Seasoning Onion - 35g

Seasoning Onion from Biocop is a rich seasoning based on onions in flakes. Essential for any dish, this seasoning is a great ingredient in the preparation of a wide range of stews, as well as accompanying dressings for salads and vegetables. This product is totally ecological.

    Seasoning Onion from Biocop: the tasty onion seasoning that should never be missing in your meals.

    Seasoning Onion from Biocop is a seasoning of onions in flakes from high-end organic farming as always Biocop has its customers used to, very useful in the kitchen since with this onion we can prepare many types of stews and also seasoning dressings for salads and vegetables. This seasoning has too many uses in the culinary art and adapts to any dish you want to cook. Your meals will have a slight delicious onion taste, that enhances the flavor and that will make any palate is satisfied. Ideal for steaks, meats, salads, soups, among thousands of other combinations.

    Seasoning Onion from Biocop is designed both for true lovers of cooking, who really like to cook, as well as for amateurs and inexperienced in this art who want to give their meals the special flavor of this seasoning. It also adds color and a pleasant aroma that would delight even the most demanding critic. All this is guaranteed by the brand Biocop, number one company in providing products with totally biological ingredients, without containing chemical agents that could damage your meals, and harm your health.

    Seasoning Onion from Biocop is made from top-notch onions. It is well known that onions contain countless health benefits, among its benefits we can emphasize that it has a strong action against the inflammations of the tissues that make up the muscles and tendons, and helps relieve those areas. It has a positive effect on the urinary system and especially the prostate, which prevents infections, protects the cardiovascular system and helps in people suffering from fluid retention. It also contains vitamins necessary for the body. So in addition to the special taste that we will give to our dishes, we are at the same time eating in a healthy way.

    Facts of Seasoning Onion from Biocop

    • Totally organic ingredients.
    • Onions grown under the best agriculture conditions.
    • Special for stews.
    • Awesome ingredient to dress salads and vegetables.
    • Contains no chemical agents.
    • Gives color and an excellent smell to the meals.
    • Contains vitamins A, B and C.
    • Helps and protects the urinary and cardiovascular systems

    Seasoning Onion from Biocop will give a quality jump to your meals. This seasoning is the best option when choosing which season your dishes will have, especially in those steak stews, meats and salads. Thought for those who love to cook and have in their meals a natural and healthy touch. Biocop, a leading company in organic farming products.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, to season stews, steaks, salads and vegetables. Keep in a cool, dry place, away from light sources and heat. Always leave the container closed.

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