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Blai Peris Garlic Olivada - 100 g

Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop is a pate made of black olives with garlic. It serves to spread, prepare sauces and vinaigrettes, salads, among others. It is an olive paste combined with a little amount of garlic that gives a lot of flavor, is delicious added to grilled meat and is an excellent substitute for garlic and oil sauce.

    Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop: a delicacy based on black olives.

    Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop is a wonderful pate containing olives, olive oil, with a little amount of garlic. A perfect combination that serves a variety of gastronomic preparations with an incomparable intense flavor.

    Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop is made of black olives, selected from empeltre (a type of olive originating in Spain), which are of medium size, elongated and asymmetrical, and have a high amount of fat, a variety mainly used for oils. It should be noted that empeltre means grafting, and that empeltre is also known as payesa or Zaragozana, Verdiel, Vera, among others, depending on the place where they are grown. Olive tree is one of the most representative trees in Spain, called Olea europea.

    Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop is great for snacks and special events. Its smooth texture makes it perfect to be spread on munchies, cookies, bread and toast. Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop is used in the preparation of pasta sauces; as a companion of meat, fish or potatoes; as well as, on the pizzas; to spread on fish, carpaccio, and on everything your gastronomic creativity tells you. Consuming olive garlic contributes to the health of the arteries and the heart because the olives have fatty acids, namely, omega 6 and omega 3; as well as vitamins A and C, which have antioxidant properties, and vitamin E, which protects the cells of the body.

    Even though Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop is mainly composed of black olives, the rest is garlic, therefore, the effect of this combination is positive for health since both have a good cardiovascular effect. Also, in the garlic are antioxidant properties that help protect the skin, improve bone health, and much more benefits. As a result, this excellent product, with all the contributions offered by garlic and black olives, constitutes a valuable nutritional ingredient in terms of maintaining good health.

     Facts of Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop:

    • Prepared with empeltre.
    • Source of vitamin E.
    • Intense flavor.
    • Maintains the aroma and properties of black olives.
    • Soft to spread
    • Contains vitamin A and C.
    • Includes omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.
    • Dietary fiber.
    • Keeps your body strong.
    • Reduces the appetite.
    • Rich in iron.

    Buy Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop and dazzle your family and friends with an intense flavor by using it in different food preparations. Olives and a little of garlic are a delicious mix with significant health benefits.

    Recommended use: use Blai Peris Garlic Olivada from Biocop in your daily meals and, as a paste that you can spread and present at snacks and special occasions. The consumption of this paste is recommended because in addition to being delicious, it contains nutritional properties.

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