This product is high in nutrients and being made under the best quality controls, with a level of purity of one hundred percent having its uniqueness in the grocery market. Moreover, eating these rice pancakes with oats is something you will never forget. 

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    Oats Rice Cakes: they can be eaten on its own or accompanied with multiple dressings, there is nothing more exquisite.

    An ideal combination and being extremely nutritious Oats Rice Cakes Biocop are one of the best options when looking for a fast and delicious food or the ideal companion for a sweet or salty dressing, etc. One hundred percent natural and very nutritious are the ideal option for any diner.

    These Oats Rice Cakes are made with completely pure ingredients, which is guaranteed by the fact Biocop produces its own raw material with agricultural methods that are not only novel, but also are friendly to the environment using agricultural organic farming methods. These pancakes are completely pure and with a high nutritional value. In addition, sugars and added salts that are harmful to the organism are not used. In this way you can be sure that this product is one of the best in the market. You can eat it on its own because of its exquisite flavour or accompanied by multiple sweet, salty, bittersweet dressings, etc.

    The ingredients for the preparation of this product are obtained from biological agriculture, which is an agricultural method that takes care of the environment and at the same time provides a better nutritional value to the products obtained, because synthetic chemicals are not used. Nothing is more natural and with this product you are ecologically friendly with the ecosystem. In this way the environment is protected and a top-notch raw material is obtained, giving the products of the company Biocop a supreme quality with respect to its competitors.

    Biocop has more than 40 years of experience in this type of agriculture and thanks to this its products are able to pass all the food safety controls of the European Union. This company has as mission and vision that users can consume 100 percent natural products, encouraging healthy eating. It has a highly trained group of farmers in the area of crop growing and thanks to this it can guarantee the high quality of its products, this makes this company to ideal provider of this type of merchandise.

    Facts of Oats Rice Cakes from Biocop

    • The ingredients are completely pure and natural.
    • High nutritional value.
    • Free of saturated fats.
    • Free of sugars and added salts.
    • Free of chemical preservatives.
    • Contains gluten.

    A natural product rich in vitamins and minerals, which is still delicious and special where you find a better combination ... You will not regret your purchase, there is no richer and healthier product than this!

    Recommended use: it can be eaten at any time, being a completely natural product without restrictions. To maintain the good condition of the product keep it free of moisture and fresh.

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