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Multifloral Pollen - 450 g

The incredible Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is a natural product that is made up of important vitamins and minerals that are very necessary for the organism. It has an incredible taste and restorative power that is able to improve the physical and mental conditions of the body in a surprisingly short time.

    Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is a product that comes almost directly from nature itself, and since the natural is the best, you will be feeling good in a jiffy.

    The wonderful Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is a product made mainly of natural pollen, which has been extracted from hives found in the mountains of eastern Galicia (being a natural place without any population, in the region of Ancares and Coruel). Therefore, this is a 100% pure high-quality product, with a matchless freshness that is able to give your body a great range of benefits that are very good for your well-being and health.

    The wonderful and unique Multifloral Pollen from Biocop provides a wide variety of benefits, but the one that stands out among them all is its great restorative power, which manages to improve the physical and mental conditions of any person instantaneously and without them being aware of the good and splendid effects that this wonderful product is giving to their body. After you verify its results, there is no doubt that this is a natural and perfect product for everyone, especially those people who seek the best for having a healthy and strong body.

    Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is an original and perfect product for vegan and vegetarian people, because it is a product of nature itself. Being able to rejuvenate cells and slow down the aging process in adults and the elderly; all due to the adequate levels of vitamins and various nutrients that are achieve with its consumption. Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is a product capable of providing you with the most important benefits, which you would normally get from several products, improving your absorptive capacity and understanding, but also your physical conditions and the proper functioning of your organism. To top it all off, it is also able to bring you the energy you need to have your body moving all day long, and thus being able to lead a very active lifestyle.

    Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is a product perfect and recommended for all kinds of athletes and sportsmen, and also to common people, such as workers, employees and housewives, who need a natural method to feel better about themselves while enjoying life. A product great to improve the overall conditions of the body. In addition to its good flavor, which allows you to enjoy its consumption, it is the restorative that your body, health and life need to be in better conditions and feel good at all times. The incredible Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is what you were looking for anxiously to improve your body and mind through the consumption of natural products, in very little time and zero effort, as a little of Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is enough to provide you with a some of the most important benefits that our body needs to be better in every way.

    Facts of Multifloral Pollen from Biocop

    • Vegan product.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Without dairy ingredients.
    • Easy to consume.
    • Amazing restorative power.
    • For different people.
    • With excellent flavor.
    • Improves your physical and mental conditions.
    • Energy carrier.

    Multifloral Pollen from Biocop is a perfect product for anybody who seeks the best to feel better about himself in every way. A natural product that provides the necessary energy for having a wonderful day.

    Recommended use: as a restorative food, you should consume it at breakfast, mixing it with juice, yogurt or fruit.

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