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Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli - 500 g

Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop is a delicious cereal made from whole oat flakes. A cereal excellent to start promoting healthy consumption when you want. This muesli has an extra soft texture and is enriched with delicious pieces of Krunchy Pur Avena.

    Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop presents the best contribution in vegetable proteins and a delicious flavor.

    Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop was created with the purpose of boosting the flavor of your breakfasts. A food supplement made from delicious whole oat flakes, quinoa and spelt, which are three very famous ingredients in the kitchen given their natural properties. An option to enrich your diet with vegetable proteins. It is a very healthy and versatile product that contributes several benefits to the body. Additionally, due to its extra soft texture and sweetish flavor, it is impossible not to take delight in consumption.

    In addition, Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop is especially composed of vegetable proteins, dried fruits and also berries. A set of healthy ingredients so as not to fall into the temptation of products or sweets with excessive sugars. Going on a healthy and balanced diet brings incredible benefits to health, for which, this muesli is very suitable because it is rich in natural properties, due to organic origin, and thus it is a perfect option to have breakfast.

    Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop is a staple for every expert in the kitchen. It is a product suitable for preparing a wide range of recipes. Using this cereal as main ingredient, you can make mixtures with juices, yoghurts, milk and even vegetable drinks, in order to fill your mornings with nutritious and healthy foods. In addition, as an additional variant, you can also add small pieces of fruit to finally complete a delicious and light delicacy for the stomach.

    Among its versions, Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop offers the softest flakes to not bother at any time your palate. It is a product to always resort in the mornings and to satisfy your appetite. Thanks to its contribution in quinoa and spelt, it is not only an extremely tasty food supplement, but also one of the healthiest. Take delight in eating this cereal is a pleasure you will appreciate, which in part is due to its rice syrup and sesame base. With Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop, your mornings will be much better.

    Facts of Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop

    • Cereal made from whole oats.
    • Composed of oats, quinoa and spelt.
    • A product from organic farming.
    • Incredible contribution in vegetable proteins.
    • Sweetened with rice syrup.
    • A perfect breakfast to start the day on the right foot.

    When you eat Barnhouse Quinoa Spelt Muesli from Biocop, you will be taking advantage of a cereal rich in nutritional benefits and a unique flavor that will impress everyone at home. An appropriate alternative if you want to provide your mornings with light, tasty and nutritious meals. It is time to be smart by seizing the benefits it brings for your health.

    Recommended use: a product for free consumption. You can accompany it with juices, vegetable drinks, yogurt, milk and fresh fruits.

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