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Rapunzel Original Muesli - 750 g

Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop will become the favorite of those who try it, thus having the opportunity to add it to their smoothies, eat it with their favorite fruits in the company of some honey or even simply adding milk of the type you prefer, you will taste the mix of flavors that these excellent cereals while promoting a perfect state of health.

    Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop: the best way to eat cereal daily.

    Made from the correct combination of flakes of different cereals such as barley, wheat and oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, roasted sesame and even buckwheat and raisins. Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop is the best way to include in your diet the necessary amount of cereal for the optimal operation of your body.

    A healthy diet must contain a certain quantity of cereals that help them to perform better during the day, generating a correct functioning of the organs. However, on rare occasions we have the opportunity to ingest the necessary quantities of this type of food. But now, with Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop, that situation is gone as this product is aim at providing people with a fast way to obtain the nutrients that cereals contain in a healthy way, with a delicious flavor and in a simple way. Whether you eat it with milk or you add to it the fruits you like, every time you eat this muesli you will be taking care of your diet in the best way possible, that is, natural, delicious and healthy.

    All the ingredients contained in Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop have been obtained under strict guidelines of respect to the environment, and at the same time preventing the addition of artificial elements to these ingredients. Therefore, this product is completely healthy to consume, regardless of age. Enjoy the benefits of the combination of the best cereals that exist, plus a mouth-watering flavor, exquisite texture and, above all, 100% natural.

    You will notice the benefits that eating Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop offers you. Moreover, it has a natural flavor (from the ingredients that make it up) and does not contain even a gram of added sugar. Rapunzel is synonymous with respect for the environment and especially for your body, maintaining certification that all its products are made from environmentally-friendly crops. Therefore, it is a consumer product that offers superior quality.

    Facts of Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop

    • Made from crunchy flakes of natural cereals.
    • No cereal is obtained artificially.
    • Does not contain added sugars.
    • By consuming it, you meet the necessary daily requirements of a healthy diet.
    • A product of natural origin that is perfect to be eaten by vegan people.
    • Rapunzel is a company committed to the quality of its products.

    Rapunzel Original Muesli from Biocop is the perfect supplement for your diet to be more balanced, healthy and natural. Made from excellent quality ingredients that will give you the nutrients you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy its delicious taste without remorse while taking care of your body.

    Recommended use: it is perfect to add it to your breakfast, either as cereal with milk, fruit and a touch of honey. During the day, you can add it to the fruit salads that you enjoy as an appetizer between meals or at your snack as part of a smoothie.

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