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Muesli Krunchy Strawberries Barnhouse - 375g

Muesli Krunchy Strawberries Barnhouse from Biocop is perfect for breakfast because its delicious flavor comes from natural ingredients such as puffed rice, whole oat flakes, cane sugar, palm oil and wheat glucose syrup. In addition, it contains delicious pieces of strawberry.

    Muesli Krunchy Strawberries Barnhouse from Biocop

    Muesli Krunchy Strawberries Barnhouse from Biocop is a perfect dessert. It is a very crunchy cereal whose main ingredients are puffed rice and natural oat flakes. The way in which these components have been baked allows both the rice and the oats to be preserved quite well, without danger that they get too brown or lose their qualities. In addition, delicious strawberry pieces are added, very aromatic and that appeal the palate immediately. There is no doubt that this muesli is an ideal breakfast.

    It is perfect to start a new day with energy. Likewise, it can be tasted by people of all ages: children, adolescents, young people and adults. It is even possible to mix it with pieces of other fruits and other additives that can supplement its flavor. For all these reasons, it happens that Muesli Krunchy Strawberries Barnhouse from Biocop is a perfect alternative for those who want to eat healthily and deliciously.

    This product can be classified as a muesli. This means that it is a mixture of cereals and dehydrated fruits that is taken with milk, yogurt or juice. It is a type of recurrent food at breakfast, but it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. In this case, the ingredients used are: whole oat flakes, sugar cane, palm fat, crunchy rice, strawberries and wheat glucose syrup. It is important to make clear that all these components are obtained only through organic farming. The latter means that they are grown naturally, using environmentally friendly techniques. In addition, it is guaranteed that they do not contain traces of chemical products, such as preservatives, pesticides or herbicides. Therefore, it is widely recommended for a fairly large audience.

    Facts of Muesli Krunchy Strawberries Barnhouse from Biocop

    • Excellent muesli, ideal for breakfast
    • With puffed rice and whole oat flakes
    • Includes some delicious pieces of strawberry that delight the palate
    • 100% natural, obtained from organic farming
    • No trace of chemicals such as preservatives and other additives
    • Can be mixed with yogurt, milk and other different fruits
    • Practical and attractive container, ready to be preserved and consumed almost immediately

    This delicious muesli is loved by all people. Its mixture of rice, oatmeal and strawberries is magnificient. Besides it is natural and healthy. Enjoy it!

    Recommended use: mix with juice, milk, a vegetable drink or yogurt. It is used mainly for breakfast but also as a snack. Dried fruit can be added if it is desired. Keep in cool and dry place. Once opened it is best to keep the container tightly closed to preserve its properties.

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