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Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse - 600g

Leading a healthy lifestyle with an adequate diet does not have to be complicated. Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse gives you the crunchy opportunity to have a balanced breakfast in a few minutes. Serve the amount of your preference, add juice, milk, vegetable drink or yogurt and fill your day with energy, flavor and the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet.

    Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse from Biocop, the healthiest and crunchiest option.

    Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse is the perfect combination of whole grains such as oats, wheat, rice and barley, harvested in organic farms, which makes this product one of the healthiest and of highest nutritional quality due to the absence of chemical substances in its composition. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, since what we consume in the morning will give us the energy to perform our daily tasks. However, many times, we run on a tight schedule so we can not devote ourselves to make a complex breakfast that gives us the adequate caloric intake for our routine. That is why Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse is the perfect choice for a quick, easy and very nutritious breakfast.

    Proper nutrition is the key to lead a healthy lifestyle. Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse is made with 100% organic products. Cereals such as oats, wheat, barley and rice, are mixed with whole cane sugar, cinnamon, nuts and sesame, which make this muesli the perfect choice for a full breakfast. Cereals are essential for a balanced diet because they are rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates and provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals that make them necessary in the daily menu for both adults and children. A serving of Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse, mixed with juice or fruit juice, milk, yogurt or a vegetable drink, guarantees a crunchy, sweet and nutritious meal, first of the day. Its versatility, freshness and nutritional value offer us the possibility of including it in a snack, either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. If we add fresh fruits, seeds or nuts, and we will have a quick and healthy way to regulate energies until our next meal.

    Facts of Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse

    • Absence of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides.
    • 53% Oats.
    • Its integral composition provides the consumer with high fiber levels.
    • Ideal choice of breakfast, snack and even dinner. It is ideal for anyone who wants a healthy and satiating fast food.
    • Practical presentation and easy to use, ready to serve.
    • Contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth of the smallest.

    Eating healthy and tasty does not have to be heavy work. With Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse, it can be practical, nutritious and delicious. At breakfast or at snack, for children and adults, your best choice in cereals.

    Recommended use: a cup of Muesli Krunchy Classic Barnhouse at breakfast, accompanied with the liquid of your choice. Half a cup with nuts in the snack.

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