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Muesli Fruits Rapunzel - 750g

This muesli is the best product to keep your body well-nourished, as it provides the necessary amounts of cereals that our body requires daily to work properly. It was made from cereals of excellent quality, plus fruits grown in an environmentally friendly way.

    Muesli Fruits Rapunzel from Biocop: a unique mix of delicious fruits with cereals.

    The cereal flakes that made it up taste deliciously, whether oats or wheat, even sunflower seeds or flaxseeds. The combination of all these flakes will give you a pleasant flavor, which you can enrich even more by adding the exquisite flavor of dry figs, combined with sultanas (variety of seedless raisin) and apricots, making every bite an explosion of unique flavor.

    Muesli Fruits Rapunzel from Biocop gives you in every bite a lot of nutrients combined with a palatable taste. Muesli Fruits Rapunzel from Biocop is made with natural products, cereals and fruits used to prepare this muesli keep all their properties and benefits of have been cultivated in plantations where no artificial element altered their grow and care.

    Whether you eat it at breakfast or, even, at snack time, Muesli Fruits Rapunzel from Biocop will keep in good levels the amount of fiber and energy to make your meals the best part of the day. You can eat it the way you want, but if accompanied with milk or juice made from your favorite fruit, either way it will improve your state of health stay by optimizing all your body in a healthy and natural way.

    Muesli Fruits Rapunzel from Biocop will be a food that, without any problems, will meet the requirements of a wholemeal breakfast, that is, full of nutrients and elements beneficial for your organism, which will be good for the internal operation of your body, even having positive effects on your blood.

    Facts of Muesli Fruits Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Made from elements obtained naturally.
    • Perfect combination of cereals and dried fruits.
    • Every fruit used keeps its natural flavor.
    • Can be eaten for breakfast or snack.
    • Perfect to be combined with milk or, even, juice of your favorite fruit.
    • If you like, you can add more dried fruits of your preference.
    • All its ingredients are free from artificial elements.
    • Contains gluten.

    Muesli Fruits Rapunzel from Biocop is the boost you need daily to feel great. It was made in order to offer the best in cereals combined with fruits, has the delicious flavor of fig along with apricot's and fills your mouth with a delicious combination of flavors, everything in a simple way, just add the liquid of your preference and enjoy breakfasts and snacks full of flavor. With this delicious product, you will be enjoying a superb food with excellent properties that will make you feel great during the day, especially, when you do your morning activities, as it gives your body enough energy to have an excellent start.

    Recommended use: it is ideal to be consumed at snack or breakfast time, you can prepare smoothies with it, eat it as cereal by adding milk or, if you like, more dried fruit. It can also be accompanied with fruit juice. All depends on your taste.

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