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Rapunzel Assorted Nuts - 250 g

Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop is an irresistible, delicious and excellent natural appetizer to snack at any time of day. It contains shelled almonds, hazelnuts, sultanas, cashews and walnuts, which are not only delicious, but also provide a wide range of nutrients, something that is essential for a proper nutrition.

    The incomparable Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop is an extremely delicious and very nutritious product to nibble at any time of day.

    Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop includes an exquisite composition of rich nuts that provide your healthy diet with a large number of advantages, being in this way, a delicious product to snack between meals or at any time of the day.

    When you try it, you surely will find it irresistible, especially because it contains tasty almonds, hazelnuts, sultanas, cashews and walnuts. Fortunately, all have been collected in the best ecological fields to respect your love for nature and well-being. Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop is a good vegetarian option when it comes to obtaining countless benefits for your diet. Among its nutritional benefits, we cannot fail to mention that it provides excellent amounts of nutrients that prevent you from having to resort to animal foods, on the contrary, it has everything necessary to help meet the demands that your body requires every day.

    For starters, the exquisite Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop combines delicious shelled almonds, as well as hazelnuts, sultanas, cashews and organic nuts. All that nutritional richness, put on a silver platter a great energy value, so that you can continue your daily activities without feeling tiredness or fatigue. Even if you are one of those who train hard, after eating these nuts, you will perform optimally, without having to resort to artificial products.

    Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop is truly a treasure that you should try. Starting because walnuts and almonds are some of the nuts with the highest percentage of proteins. In addition, they have plenty of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, which are absorbed quickly throughout your body. Fiber is another of their elements, which a great ally to feel satisfied throughout the day, stimulate good digestion, and ultimately, enjoy a sense of well-being like never before.

    The best way to enjoy this delicious product is to integrate it into your healthy diet as a delicious product to nibble between meals, or as a healthy snack when leaving work or after sports. Also, if you prefer, you can add these nuts to yogurt or salads.

    Facts of Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop:

    • Contains shelled all-natural nuts, namely, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, sultanas and cashew nuts.
    • Each type of nut provides a high percentage of fiber, proteins, energy, minerals, vitamins.
    • They satisfy the appetite for several hours.
    • Rich combination of nuts to nibble or snack in a very healthy way.

    If at any time you feel like eating something delicious, do not hesitate for a single moment to acquire Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop, then, you will be taking delight in an irresistible, nutritious and superbly natural snack.

    Recommended use: eat Rapunzel Assorted Nuts from Biocop as an appetizer, preferably between meals of at snack time. If you like, you can also add these nuts to yogurt, and even to salads.

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