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Milflores Honey - 450 g

Today, we bring you Milflores Honey from Biocop, a product that is prepared with an incredibly different method, since its extraction is done directly from the nectar of millions of flowers, being equally nutritious that the honey of bees and with a delicious, impressive sweetness.

    Milflores Honey from Biocop is a sweet liquid of the gods that you need.

    Recommended for all those who want to multiply the beneficial dose of nutrients that is necessary for their body every day. Milflores Honey from Biocop is prepared so that you can have the opportunity to be reborn in terms of health.

    That is why, Milflores Honey from Biocop is recommended that it be consumed by all the members of your family, by adding it to delicious breakfasts with fruits, as a natural sweetener, or as part of your healthy and natural snacks or favorite refreshments.

    The base nectar used for the preparation of Milflores Honey from Biocop comes from organic farming, extracted naturally from millions of flowers. It has a high content of nutrients and energy, which is necessary for you to start your day on the right foot. Ideal for anyone who said goodbye definitively to all kinds of traditional and artificial sweeteners, or processed white sugar.

    Milflores Honey from Biocop contains important elements such as vitamin B, B1, B4, B12, C, A, D, K, sodium, iron, phosphorus, and also antiseptic properties and carbohydrates easily absorbed and digested. Moreover, it acts as an antibiotic agent. On the other hand, mothers opt for Milflores Honey from Biocop over any other, thanks to its inexhaustible source of nutrients and the practicality and naturalness that it has to modify the sweetness of the meals of children.

    On the other hand, it perfectly serves for people with specific diets, where both fat burning and the development of muscle mass are benefited due to the high amount of protein provided by this excellent product.

    Facts of Milflores Honey from Biocop 

    • Acts as a sweetener without traces of calories or artificial elements.
    • Has the excellent ability to sweeten twice as much as any processed sugar.
    • A source of vitamins A, C, B vitamins.
    • Acts as a natural antibiotic for your body.
    • Can be used to prevent infections such as flu and muscle aches.
    • Constitutes a rebirth of mature skin and the revitalization of young skin.
    • An excellent regenerator of the nervous system fibers.

    As an energy component and caloric synthesis, Milflores Honey from Biocop is perfect product to indulge in satisfying some cravings without risking consuming sugars in excess, since it comes from biological farming, and therefore, it can be consumed without any problem by vegan, vegetarian, celiac or environmentally conscious people. Its production process does not represent a threat to the life of bees.

    Recommended use: it is recommended to use the rich Milflores Honey from Biocop as a substitute for sugar, in portions to taste and implement it at breakfast to enjoy its high contribution of nutrients and valuable energy for the body throughout the day.

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