Merlot Castell d'Age Red Wine from Biocop is an ideal wine to serve on every occasion, it has a very good taste and quickly satisfies the desires of your palate, it is made from the musts of black grapes and it also contains ingredients such as merlot, cabernet suavignon from organic farming and alcohol.

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Merlot Castell d'Age Red Wine from Biocop, enjoy every sip.

Merlot Castell d'Age Red Wine from Biocop is a very special wine, perfect to share in a meeting with your family, with your friends or just take a sip when you want. It is of very good quality and contains very special ingredients that complement the exquisiteness of its flavor as the merlot that is very intense ruby colored, of a medium grade and age quickly without losing quality, is characterized by its figure and smoothness while remaining aromatic and fleshy.

It is a very delicious wine that allows you to satisfy the desires of your palate and also helps to clean it, taking red wine while eating, due to its astringent properties, makes the taste of the food to be perceived more intensely, contains a very special ingredient, the Cabernet Sauvignon from organic agriculture, it is considered as an equivalent of red wine, it is a bright color grape, small berries and thick skins that produces elegant, rich and sensual wines. Merlot Castell d'Age Red Wine from Biocop is characterized by its bright color, its complex fruity aromas and its elegant structure, it is the wine you need for every occasion.

Having a glass of this drink is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of life, it is the wine you need to enjoy every moment of your day, whether on its own or accompanied and also when it comes to delicious dishes, we will be very sure that those will be tasted with an excellent wine. Merlot Castell d'Age Red Wine from Biocop is excellent to enjoy a pleasant moment with your family or loved ones, also ideal to accompany a meal, dish or snack.

Facts of Merlot Castell d'Age Red Wine from Biocop

  • Exquisite flavor.
  • Ideal for any occasion.
  • Excellent to complement your meal.
  • Benefits our health.

Merlot Castell d'Age Red Wine from Biocop is perfect for any occasion, it has a content that makes it unique and to enjoy with every sip. In addition, drinking a glass of red wine daily but moderately can do much for our overall health, one of them is that it allows you to lose weight because red wine has a very special property that activates a gene that prevents the production of new fat cells. And it also allows us to stimulate existing ones to purify them and eliminate them little by little. Obviously the results will be more visible if we combine it with a balanced diet free of fat. Taste it now.

Recommended use: pour between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. Ideal to accompany lamb, veal, pork, and cured cheeses.

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