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French-style Mayonnaise Bioster - 180g

French-style Mayonnaise Bioster from Biocop is a French-style mayonnaise which is completely delicious, healthy and nutritious, perfect to spread on different foods or for the creation of sauces that are perfect as a dressing in the various dishes and thus give a unique and very delicious taste to your palate.

    French-style Mayonnaise Bioster from Biocop, completely delicious, perfect to enjoy its natural flavor in various dishes.

    It is a delicious type of dressing, perfect to spread on various salads, meats or for the preparation of various sauces and much more, this is because it has a delicious taste in French style, which is a mayonnaise with a touch of mustard, that gives it a unique, delicious flavor and makes it the perfect side dish for various meals or dishes, this is due to its intense flavor which is ideal as a healthy and nutritious seasoning. This mayonnaise is completely natural, especially mustard, which comes from a natural agriculture, this mayonnaise is made of eggs and egg products, it also has a touch of mustard and some derivatives, due to its amount of B vitamins (such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12), also has pantothenic acid and niacin, so it becomes an ideal supplement for a daily diet and without problems.

    French-style Mayonnaise Bioster from Biocop is an ideal mayonnaise for the preparation of rich and diverse sauces, and thus give your dishes (such as salads or appetizers) a more delicious touch that avoids stopping eating, it also works as a perfect dressing for the preparation of various salads, to spread on meats, fish and eggs, and even on various appetizers to enjoy an excellent and healthy mayonnaise flavor, plus it is easy to spread. This mayonnaise is ideal and with a unique flavor and because it is natural, it is perfect for it to be consumed by athletes, sportsmen and gymnasts, it is also excellent so that celiac and vegetarian people can consume it without any problems, enjoying the delicious taste of this mayonnaise in the French style.

    It is a delicious mayonnaise, perfect for all kinds of meals and dishes, to give them a unique flavor, magnificent and irresistible, it is an easy spreadable mayonnaise, perfect for preparing diversity of sauces that will completely improve the flavor of your salads, appetizers and even meat, fish and much more.

    Facts of French-style Mayonnaise Bioster from Biocop

    • Contains mustard.
    • Made with eggs and derivatives.
    • Completely healthy and natural.
    • Contains B vitamins.
    • Perfect for celiacs.
    • Perfect for vegetarians.
    • Excellent flavor.
    • Perfect for preparing sauces.

    The magnificent French-style Mayonnaise Bioster from Biocop has a very delicious taste thanks to the special touch that mustard gives, besides the mayonnaise is completely healthy and natural due to its excellent ingredients of natural origin that give it that flavor that you will love so much, is a great mayonnaise that gives your body the benefits of the B vitamins, pantothenic acid and niacin, so it is ideal for your body and not only that, it is also ideal for your palate.

    Recommended use: as table mayonnaise, you can prepare sauces and salads, also accompany meats, eggs, fish, among others.

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