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Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel - 375 ml

For years, we had been used to choose artificial sweeteners with high levels of maltitol and other non-organic by-products as alternative to processed sugar, now with Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel from Biocop, you have the opportunity of giving the most delicious taste to all your favorite recipes in a 100% natural way that only this excellent product offers.

    Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel from Biocop: a perfect product to sweeten your breakfast and snacks in a better way.

    It does not contain gluten, gives you the possibility of sweetening your food in a better way, such as crepes, custard, flan, to glaze baked products, Muesli, toast, corn, yogurt, fruits, drinks, homemade ice cream, natural jams, to make candies, Brownies, baked desserts, energy shakes, and cookies. Use it in all you want to have that natural and delicious touch to delight your palate.

    It is made from a process that removes the sap from trees, with taps installed at the foot of them. It does not retain artificial additives and its state is kept pure from the moment of extraction to bottling. It is made using the best maple trees, which produce this wonderful delicacy. It is perfect in every sense, it can be mentioned its exquisite flavor, texture, quality and affordable price.

    This wonderful nectar comes from the best wild maple trees, which are carefully treated in order to be friendly with their habitat. By using this natural syrup, you will add to every one of your favorite recipes the most exquisite flavor, as you will be sweetening the palate of your whole family in a 100% ecological way, which is only offered by Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel from Biocop.

    Due to its antioxidant properties, it is perfect for combating problems related to physical wear. In addition, it helps keep the percentage of muscle mass in its optimum state due to its high contents in potassium and proteins, therefore, it is perfect for all those who love sweet and natural food.

    Also known as maple honey, Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel from Biocop is one of the natural sweeteners that resembles honey the most concerning its properties and nutrients, so it is a very good advantage to able to have everyday this excellent and very exquisite sweetener in your kitchen.

    Facts of Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel from Biocop 

    • It is a natural antioxidant that will make your skin look shining.
    • It accelerates and optimizes the metabolic process thanks to the enzymes it has.
    • It is perfect for the reproductive health and fertility.
    • Its contents of calcium help maintain an optimum cardiovascular health.
    • It is a natural cell regenerator.
    • It has antibiotic properties.
    • It has 8% of the recommended daily dose of calcium.

    Sweetening your breakfasts and snacks does not have to be difficult for you, so you can choose the most natural sweeteners and syrups that provide your body with all the benefits of the organic food. Choose carefully and buy Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel from Biocop, and give your family the opportunity of tasting the most delicious flavor in a very healthy way.

    Recommended use: sweeten your breakfast, refreshments and healthy snacks with Maple Syrup (C Grade) Rapunzel from Biocop. Add to taste according to the amount of sweetness you want on your preparations.

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