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Rapunzel Macadamia Nuts - 75 g

If you are a person who likes pastries or simply want to make some sweets for a meeting with friends or enjoy a film in family. It is time to add macadamia nuts to your recipes. This is the ingredient you were lacking to give a delicious flavor to your desserts.

    Rapunzel Macadamia Nuts from Biocop Rapunzel: the ingredient that fits your tastes.

    Rapunzel Macadamia Nuts from Biocop has nutritional properties such as vitamin E, antioxidants, proteins, fiber, among others. Becoming a completely healthy food for the organism. This is due to its production which was certified as an ecological food. Its benefits are quite large. However, its common use is in the gourmet cuisines, being the essential ingredient in the most exquisite dishes you can taste.

    They are a little rounded nuts with an excellent taste, depending on your palate and expectations about this product and not only that, as it contains a wide variety of nutrients we need in our body. So, besides eating deliciously, we will get a healthy body. It is a product native to Kenya, made by Rapunzel, a company founded in Germany in 1974. Today, it is well known for its highest quality and constant production, it also processes and distributes completely ecological, organic and vegetable foods, holds organic certificates and is available in a wide variety of countries. Rapunzel has a wide range of products such as sweet and salty kinds of pasta, nuts, cereals, grains and the list goes on.

    Rapunzel Macadamia Nuts from Biocop adapts perfectly to any dish you want to prepare, but most importantly, the consumption of these nuts gives a quite healthy advantage to the body due to its nutrients such as omega 3, phosphorus; also contains iron and vitamin B6. The incredible thing is that contain a lot of properties by coming from an ecological agriculture, which is fully certified by Control IMO due to the correct labor, as well as belonging to a fair trade issued by the Institute of Ecology on Independent Market.

    Facts of Rapunzel Macadamia Nuts from Biocop Rapunzel:

    • Toasted macadamia nuts.
    • With excellent aroma and filled with flavor.
    • Known among gourmets.
    • Has a touch of salt.
    • Source of carbohydrates.
    • Source of proteins.

    Rapunzel Macadamia Nuts from Biocop are toasted and slightly salted. They have a delicious aroma and wonderful flavor; it is enough to take a bite to notice what you have missed for a long time. They are recommended for healthy diets, sportsmen and even for children. They are popular in the kitchens of the most famous Gourmets and professionals. It is the ideal ingredient to prepare your recipes of sweets in your kitchen. Prepare a dish so exquisite that nobody will leave your table. What are you thinking? Get soon these nuts!

    Recommended use: keep in dry, cool place for a long duration. It is a product very useful in pastry-making to prepare food such as cookies, sweet bars, toppings, among others. The product comes ready to eat. You can add it to any dish your like.

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