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Lemon Soda Naturfrisk - 25cl

Lemon Soda Naturfrisk from Biocop is a long cool lemon-flavored ecological drink. Made with carbonated water, lemon and cane sugar, so it is the natural alternative perfect to be drunk in any occasion. This product has reached the market as a chance to include in your diet a drink without sugars added or chemicals that might harm your system.

    Lemon Soda Naturfrisk from Biocop, lemon-flavored ecological soda.

    Lemon Soda Naturfrisk from Biocop is a product specially designed for those who are on natural diet and wish to enjoy long cool and sublime moments. This is a delicious lemon-flavored soda made with ingredients from ecological agriculture. For its preparation were used natural products and without any industrial intervention, these ingredients are carbonated water and lemon juice. It is sweetened with cane sugar, so it does not contain sugars added. Include in your diet a long cool and tasty drink that suits the nutritional needs of your system!

    If you are looking for an ecological alternative to flavored drinks available on the market without sugars added, then Lemon Soda Naturfrisk from Biocop is your best option. Made with natural products and sweetened with cane sugar, this drink will refresh your day and is suitable for a healthy lifestyle. The natural and long cool joined to create a ecological drink that keeps its delicious taste and offers all those who consume it an alternative to keep the well-being of our organism.

    With Lemon Soda Naturfrisk from Biocop, any occasion is perfect to enjoy its long cool lemon flavor, for example, after a long hike, when it's very hot and has even become the best accompaniment for all your meals. This soda is an alternative to give a touch of taste to your day without worrying about calories. Due to the natural all its production processes and all its ingredients are ecological, the flavor and color of this drink may vary slightly. It is important to note that it may contain traces of gluten, so it should not be consumed by people who are intolerant to it. This product comes in a glass container which is recommended to be recycled. It must be kept at room temperature.

    Facts of Lemon Soda Naturfrisk from Biocop

    • Long cool lemon-flavored drink.
    • Free of sugars added.
    • Made with natural ingredients.
    • From ecological farming.
    • May contain traces of gluten.

    Cool your days down with an ecological drink with a natural lemon flavour that allows you to keep enjoying the best times without worrying about its caloric contents. With Lemon Soda Naturfrisk from Biocop you can keep your healthy lifestyle as it is made with natural ingredients and sweetened with cane sugar. It is a long cool drink that is suitable for any occasion.

    Recommended use: this soda can be drunk directly from its container. It is advisable to keep it at cold temperatures to keep its refreshing property.

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