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Sow/Germinate Leek - 6 g

Sow/Germinate Leek from Biocop are the seeds you needed for your personal garden. Incorporate these seeds that will result in an incredible vegetable, great flavor and a really enticing aroma. This vegetable can also star in delicious and succulent dishes. In addition, it also has therapeutic properties that are not negligible at all.

    Sow/Germinate Leek from Biocop can be the secret of your kitchen, which you must plant in your personal garden. Adopt an appetizing vegetable with an incredible aroma!

    Sow/Germinate Leek from Biocop brings to your garden the seeds of an incredible vegetable that will complete your personal garden. Give your meals a wonderful flavor, and take advantage of its nutritional and healing virtues. 

    Its composition includes vitamins C, A, B1, B2, and very important minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It also has amino acids vital for the strengthening of tissues. It favors your meals with its aroma and flavor. In the same way, you can make delicious dishes that have it as a protagonist. Discover also the benefits it has to improve your health and promote a full lifestyle.

    These seeds of Sow/Germinate Leek from Biocop have been obtained from ecological plantations, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they lack pesticides or any artificial element. They are a great acquisition for your garden, and for your personal food. You can consume it raw or cooked, and it has the advantage of being a plant resistant to weather, especially when cold. It is a vegetable that works very well as an antibiotic, and by consuming it frequently, you will notice how your digestive system gets improved, reducing flatulence and various intestinal discomforts. It also provides very favorable effects for circulation, and also has purifying benefits, since it stimulates diuresis.

    Once you get the fruit of these seeds of Sow/Germinate Leek from Biocop, you can give it numerous applications in your kitchen. It is perfect for making creams and soups, or for making delicious tapas, appetizers and various snacks. It is that special touch that you were looking for main courses and side dishes, but not only that as it can beautifully improve the quality of cuts of beef, turkey or fish. In fact, it does not taste any bad to make a seafood casserole dish, along with various types of onions. Also, it can be the main filling of a cake, or mixed with asparagus in a saucepan. You should also try making spaghetti with a green leek-based sauce.

    Facts of Sow/Germinate Leek from Biocop

    • Seeds from ecological plantations.
    • Resistant to cold climates.
    • Ideal for planting in garden or germinating trays.

    Sow/Germinate Leek from Biocop will give you a key vegetable to make your meals into much more appetizing experiences. Plant them in your personal garden or to germinate in trays. These seeds will develop very well in cold, especially on the end of winter, so you will have this vegetable in spring.

    Recommended use: soak in a tray for 8 hours at room temperature. Then, keep them moist by spraying them 2 to 3 times a day for 15 days. Plant when they have quadrupled their volume. Transplant in linear form.

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