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3-year Lima Kukicha Tea - 150 g

3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is the ideal tea for your palate, as it will intoxicate your senses and make you feel good and relaxed, with such a fresh, wonderful and natural aroma, and the most delicious sweet flavor you have ever taste in a tea. Plus, it offers benefits that are incredible.

    3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is the best tea to enjoy, relax and completely marvel at life itself.

    The wonderful 3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is of Japanese origin, it is commonly known as kukicha, which means "tea of ​​three years" due to the maintenance that is given to this tea plant.

    In particular, stems and branches remain in the plant for three years exactly, so that in this way their theine (caffeine present in tea) disappear or remain at a very low level, but maintaining at 100% all the nutrients and vitamins, which are accumulated during all those years, that make this tea so good. So when you drink this tea your body will receive such benefits. The incredible thing about this tea is that it can be served as you please, because you can take it hot or cold; as a good cold tea in a warm day, or maybe a perfect hot tea in a cold day.

    3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is a traditional Japanese tea that has a delicious and appetizing natural aroma, as well as a freshness that you will love once you take the first sip, of which is quite noticeable when the aroma of the branches and stems given off in a cloud that will intoxicate your senses, which will make the experience of drinking this wonderful tea even more enjoyable. Without forgetting that it has a flavor as intoxicating as its fragrant aroma, being irresistible and relaxing at the same time. On the other hand, it is a tea capable of carrying a wide range of nutrients and vitamins in a single cup, which you will enjoy to the very last drop, being its sweet taste and wonderful aroma the perfect mix it may come to expect from your perfect tea. So now you know that if you are looking for a drink with a magnificent aroma, sweet taste and excellent nutritional properties and benefits, 3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is exactly what you need.

    If you are looking for something to drink and enjoy at any time of the day, 3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is the perfect drink for having a relaxing and calm afternoon, accompanied by good reading, good television, or simply a relaxing break to enjoy the day and the good life. And like the vast majority of ingredients belonging to Japanese cuisine and food, this perfect tea is very natural and healthy for the body. According to Japanese tradition, this is a tea capable of cleansing your organism and your body and thus keep it in a healthy condition. For that reason, 3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is the most recommended tea for you.

    Facts of 3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop

    • Natural product.
    • Japanese origin.
    • Healthy.
    • Easy to prepare.
    • Sweet taste.
    • Good fragrance.
    • With proteins.

    3-year Lima Kukicha Tea from Biocop is an incredible tea, which has been brought from Japan to your cup, so that you can enjoy its wonders and benefits in every sip you take. So tasty and natural that you will love it.

    Recommended use: as a relaxing drink, add the amount of tea you want in a container, then pour hot water. Let stand for only 3 minutes.

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