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Instant Kukicha Lima - 10 teabags

Kukicha Instant Lima from Biocop is a pleasant Japanese tea made from toasted twigs from the Kukicha plant, ideal to drink at any time of the day and enjoy a toning sensation. It is an alternative to tea much healthier than any other because the ingredients that were selected for its preparation come from the best organic crops.

    Kukicha Instant Lima from Biocop: invigorating drink with exquisite aroma to enjoy a pleasant sensation of pleasure.

    Kukicha Instant Lima from Biocop is a nice Japanese tea made from toasted twigs from the Kukicha plant to drink at any time of the day, hot or cold, and enjoy a delicious invigorating sensation. Best of all, it has a sweet and perfumed taste, so it is perfect for all those who love to appreciate the taste of a good tea. In addition, its ingredients are from organic farming, ideal for a much more natural and healthy consumption.

    Drinking tea is an incredibly beneficial habit for our organism, that is why, Biocop brings to our comfort the best tea of Kukicha Instant Lima, which is prepared with the best dry and toasted twigs of Kukicha, being perfect to take hot or cold and taste a pleasant sweet and flavor. A very positive aspect is that this herb is not only known for its exquisite taste but also because it has wonderful properties since it gives us energy and helps us combat fatigue and heaviness.

    With Kukicha Instant Lima from Biocop, it will not be necessary to resort to nature to enjoy a toning tea, on the contrary, from the comfort of our home, in the office or at school we can enjoy a nice cup of tea, we just need to add water and ready: we will have exactly what we need to recover the energy and continue giving everything. Another feature that we can not fail to mention is that this tea comes from the best organic farming, which means that the ingredients that were selected for its preparation were obtained naturally, since no colorings, additives or preservatives were added. To that effect, Kukicha Instant Lima from Biocop is really a healthy option to drink.

    Facts of Kukicha Instant Lima from Biocop

    • Delicious and nice Japanese tea based on Kukicha
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • Sweet flavor and scented aroma
    • Provides energy and vitality to combat heaviness
    • Offers a natural and healthy consumption
    • Practical and attractive container, ready to prepare the delicious tea immediately

    A cup of tea made using Kukicha Instant Lima from Biocop is a wise decision to say goodbye to the heaviness and start the day on the right foot, for this reason, we should not hesitate to incorporate it into our routine.

    Recommended use: in a cup, pour hot water and add 1 tea sachet. Cover the cup and wait about 5 minutes. You can add honey, vegetable milk or according to taste. It can be drunk hot or cold. Keep in a cool, dry place.

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