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Integral Spirals Iris - 500g

Integral Spirals Iris from Biocop is a spiral-shaped wholefood. It is very delicious and healthy. An ideal food for people who are on a diet, sportsmen, athletes and for any family. It is perfect to accompany meats, sauces, vegetables, fish, among others. Made with the best ecological ingredients.

    Integral Spirals Iris from Biocop is the food that will change your life with its incredible flavor and texture.

    Integral Spirals Iris from Biocop is a special spiral-shaped pasta. Made with select rice grains. Produced by the traditional method "trafilata al bronzo", since this way a better absorption of sauce is obtained. Wholegrain pasta is better than traditional pasta, as it offers many benefits. If you want to eat healthy, but delicious, this is the best option. Suitable for people of all ages, also recommended for athletes, sportsmen and people on a diet. It is a product that comes from organic farming.

    Integral Spirals Iris from Biocop is a food that has an important nutritional value, does not contain gluten and is low in fat. It is a product very rich in nutrients, in vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. It has a great content of fiber. It is easy to digest, improves metabolism and provides a feeling of satiety. For a more balanced meal, it is recommended to accompany the pasta with cheese, vegetables, meat or fish. The consumption of the pasta will provide benefits and properties very important for the organism. You can prepare the pasta and add a tasty sauce, to have a completely delicious and nutritious meal. A perfect way to teach the little ones that you can eat in a healthy and delicious way at the same time.

    Integral Spirals Iris from Biocop is a pasta that offers many benefits thanks to it is made with whole grains. It is rich in proteins, antioxidants and B vitamins. It contains very few calories. The consumption of wholegrain pasta helps to prevent certain diseases and stabilize the weight. Also, keep in mind how important it is to eat healthy and family, for the right family development and to share more time with the people around you. Currently the family lives a hectic life, therefore we recommend to eat with family. Meals are the perfect time to improve family ties.

    Facts of Integral Spirals Iris from Biocop

    • Product from organic farming.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Easy to digest.
    • Helps the metabolism.
    • Very easy and quick to prepare.
    • Provides vitamins and minerals.
    • Suitable for people of all ages.
    • Recommended for sportsmen, athletes and people on a diet.
    • The perfect pasta to provide energy.

    Integral Spirals Iris from Biocop is a pasta of high quality and environmentally friendly, which will allow you to feed yourself properly. If you add low-fat sauces, the result will be incredible and very healthy. Its incredible ingredients give it an unparalleled flavor and texture. Perfect for sharing with family. It is a pasta that you will love, you will notice its great quality from the first bite.

    Recommended use: as a wholefood, bring to a boil in plenty of water and add salt. Stir and cook for 8 to 9 minutes. Then drain.

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