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Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit - 200g

Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit from Biocop are rich biscuits perfect to accompany the breakfasts or to snack, can be consumed by sportsmen, athletes, people who take care of their figure or fitness, that is, by anyone who wants to eat something rich and healthy, also has a delicious cinnamon flavor that stands out.

    Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit from Biocop, take care of your health with this delicious cinnamon-flavored biscuit. No regrets!

    Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit from Biocop is a fantastic cookie made with wholemeal wheat flour, this type of flour contains much more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than regular white flour, these being necessary and essential in the body of every person. In addition to this, it is sweetened with sugar cane and honey, contains a high percentage of fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E which is known to have antioxidant properties and also represents a valuable source of fatty acids that are fundamental in development and strengthening of muscles, are important in the process of fat loss.

    Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit from Biocop, as a product in the food sector, offers a healthy but tasty alternative, which despite being healthy does not leave aside taste, because it is very difficult to get a product that features both properties and in which you do not have to choose between one of them. However, all the ingredients used in the preparation of these biscuits come from organic farming, which means that the entire process does not represent a negative impact on the environment; on the other hand, cinnamon gives a touch of wonderful taste and a great aroma, which invites you to eat them and taste every piece or portion of it.

    Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit from Biocop can be consumed by anyone, whether athletes, sportsmen, people who are dieting to lose weight or those who simply want a different alternative to conventional, that satisfaction of consumption and not cause remorse of conscience to put it somehow. These biscuits are a great choice when choosing a food or sweet to accompany the breakfasts and/or to eat snacks between meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner; in addition, it is very comfortable and easy to carry everywhere, whether the gym, work, educational institutes, walk outdoors, among other places, because it comes in a convenient and practical pack.

    Facts of Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit from Biocop

    • Excellent taste
    • Crunchy texture
    • Cinnamon flavor
    • Made from whole wheat flour
    • Contains more fiber than regular flour
    • Contains vitamins and minerals
    • Ingredients from organic farming

    Wholemeal Cinnamon Maria Biscuit from Biocop is the correct choice in biscuits for your delight, for the family and/or friends who taste it, obtaining an exceptional flavor and texture. After trying it, it will become the favorite.

    Recommended Use: consume at any time of the day and anywhere.

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