The wonderful Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop is a rich product that mixes mountain honey collected by bees, plus the wonderful benefits of the royal jelly, so you can enjoy all the beneficial nutritional potential that both substances offer. This exquisite nectar has a sweet intense flavor, exquisite aroma and a thick consistency that makes it the ideal sweetener.

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    Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop is a very delicious natural treasure that provides you with a magnificent nutritional potential.

    Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop is a treasure from nature brought to your hands. It is a amazing product that mixes the delicious mountain honey that bees gathered in virgin zones of Ancares and Courel, plus an additional contribution of the wonderful properties of the royal jelly. It has an exquisite intense flavor and an aroma that please any palate, so you can use this delicious honey for sweetening toast, as a spread, herbal teas or to prepare a delicious food with oats.

    It seems incredible that honey and royal jelly are natural substances made by bees. Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop is an ecological product that helps to obtain its advantages. This product is a very delicious mix that includes the mouth-watering mountain honey, which is fortified with all the properties of the royal jelly.

    What we didn't know until very recently is that in the composition of this natural treasure both ingredients carry out functions that benefit as never before. For starters, both honey and royal jelly are infinitely nutritious, which are valued for its richness in proteins, amino acids, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, water, carbohydrates, lipids, enzymes and among other nutrients that make it the best food.

    Luckily, by consuming Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop, you will feel increasingly energetic every day, saying good-bye to fatigue, if you are athlete, fortifying your diet, enriching your defenses and feeling very well every time you take it. Fortunately, children and adults alike can take it given its sweet flavor and great nutritional potential.

    Surprisingly, Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop makes the enjoyment all this wealth of benefits much more delicious, since it also has a pretty intense but exquisite flavor, an aroma that takes you to paradise and a very thick texture that makes it perfect as a spread to toast and cookies. Likewise, you can use this product to sweeten juices, teas or hot oatmeal in the morning.

    Facts of Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop

    • Mountain honey and royal jelly harvested in an ecological form.
    • Has an intense flavor and exquisite aroma.
    • Has a great nutritional potential.
    • Stimulates the production of energy.
    • Unfiltered natural honey.

    Honey can never be lacking at home, so take this opportunity and acquire Honey with Royal Jelly Toca from Biocop in order to enjoy the exquisite flavor and its infinite nutritional potential.

    Recommended use: the rich mix of this product is perfect for sweetening tasty toast, cookies, teas, juices or a hearty hot oatmeal at breakfast. If you want it less concentrated, you can heat it of put it in a bain-marie.

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