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Toca Honey with Propolis - 270 g

Toca Honey with Propolis from Biocop is a sweet food product of bee work in hives, which contains propolis. It is a perfect supplement to complete your diet. Honey containing propolis has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and mineral properties that help boost the immunity of humans against viruses and bacteria.

    Biocop brings you Toca Honey with Propolis, a delicious delicacy that you can accompany with toast, cookies or juices in order to enjoy a magnificent natural sweet touch.

    Toca Honey with Propolis from Biocop was gathered ecologically in mountains and meadows where different varieties of flowers can be found, which is why it has a strong sweet flavor.

    In the collection process, no chemical or preservative was used, for which it holds a certificate that guarantees that it is organic. This unfiltered honey is rich in diastase and minerals, thus helping facilitate digestive functions and contributes to the boost the levels of energy. It is highly recommended as the perfect substitute for sugar.

    Consuming Toca Honey with Propolis from Biocop in the morning will ensure you can cope with a very demanding pace of life. Its contents of propolis imply that it has a large number of components such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, among others. One of the compounds that must be mentioned is bioflavonoids because pure propolis contains about five hundred times more bioflavonoids than oranges, so this product can be considered as very useful for people who need to recovery effectively. In fact, several scientific studies made by different researchers around the world have shown that the antibiotic properties of propolis are achieved thanks to the synergistic action of all its components. Its components and properties are highly recommended for repeated respiratory conditions or when the body's defenses are low.

    Toca Honey with Propolis from Biocop is a substance that bees make from the resins and buds of certain trees, by mixing them in their mouth with waxes and their salivary secretions obtaining this fantastic curative substance. Honey with propolis is ideal to sweeten delicious cookies, teas, toast, juices, or hot oatmeal at breakfast. If you want it a little more liquid, then put it in a bain-marie (vessel containing hot water in which another pot is placed to heat its contents).

    Facts of Toca Honey with Propolis from Biocop

    • Honey with mountain propolis extracted in an ecological way.
    • Has a strong taste and an exquisite aroma.
    • Has a great nutritional potential.
    • Boosts the levels of energy.
    • Unfiltered raw honey.
    • Product of 100% natural origin.
    • Produces a slightly laxative effect.
    • Has antioxidant properties.
    • Ideal to combat free radicals.

    Toca Honey with Propolis from Biocop is a tasty delicacy that you should never lack at home. With its mild but exquisite flavor, rich aroma and very thick consistency, consuming food such as toast and biscuits will be a pleasure you cannot get enough. Moreover, you can use this product to give a sweet touch to juices, infusions or hot oatmeal, at breakfast or snacks.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, by its nature honey can become solidified. Therefore, if you prefer it liquid, then put it in a bain-marie. It serves to sweeten all kinds of dishes, including toast, infusions and hot oatmeal.

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