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Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel - 250g

Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop is a smooth and exquisite spread hazelnut cream, made with 60% freshly roasted hazelnuts. It is ideal for filling and dressing desserts or cakes, it is the perfect ingredient to accompany toasts and cookies at breakfast, or to give a different flavor to your shakes and milk.

    Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop. As you want and where you want to indulge yourself. Do not remain silent, share its delicious taste.

    Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop belongs to the line of spread creams from Biocop, a Spanish company with more than 40 years of experience in the production of bio articles that stimulate habits of healthier lifestyles and more friendly to the planet earth, thus generating a timely contribution in the reversal of global warming. Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel carries with it all these fundamental criteria from the company, because it has been made with ingredients of the highest quality and under totally ecological and healthy methods, does not contain gluten or artificial additives that could be damaging to health. Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop is absolutely nutritious and healthy.

    Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop comes from 100% organic farming and is duly certified as an organic food product. The main ingredient of this great supplement are the fresh hazelnuts, possessing great source of vitamins and minerals that contribute positively in the health of the consumers, preventing some types of diseases, especially the cardiovascular ones. Hazelnuts are rich in an excellent antioxidant and anti-aging: vitamin E. It also contains considerable amounts of B vitamins, such as folic acid or B9, vital for women in gestation and thus prevent malformations in the baby. Finally, calcium, magnesium and fiber, which are also part of the group of nutrients contained in hazelnuts, the basis of the delicious cream Rapunzel from Biocop.

    Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop contains cane sugar, a healthier natural sweetener than white sugar that also contains B vitamins, minerals and fiber that together with the flavor and texture of the roasted hazelnuts form a delicious spread cream ideal for the whole family and for having a rich breakfast. Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop is a healthy butter, made under strict ecological standards that in addition keep intact the highest percentage of the nutrients of the main ingredients, Rapunzel Hazelnut Cream is a sweet and pleasant temptation that will melt in your mouth .

    Facts of Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Made with freshly roasted hazelnuts.
    • Delicious taste and texture.
    • Maintains the natural nutrients of hazelnut.
    • Made under biological methods.
    • Product certified organic food.

    Hazelnut Cream Rapunzel from Biocop It is the mouth-watering spicy hazelnut butter that will go well with everything. Its flavor will delight your guests and yours, is perfect for an afternoon share with friends or for a harmonious family breakfast, to spread on your treats on a movie night.

    Recommended Use: use to spread on cookies and toast, such as a filler and dressing for desserts, or as an additional ingredient in shakes and natural drinks. Shake or mix before use. Keep in a dry and cool place. Be sure to close tightly after use.

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