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Urtekram Berries Hand Soap - 380 ml

With Urtekram Berries Hand Soap from Biocop, you will enjoy a sweet fragrance. This product will perfume your hands with a subtle and very pleasant smell that captivate even the most experienced noses. Give a new air to your hands, they will thank you! They deserve it! This soap is ideal to be used by the whole family.

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    Urtekram Berries Hand Soap from Biocop, hygiene and fragrance for your hands.

    This is product has a very high quality for you and your family. It is the best soap in its category, so it is highly recommended for personal hygiene of very member of a family. Urtekram Berries Hand Soap from Biocop will moisturize your hands in a very positive manner, so the skin of your hands will feel smoother than ever before.

    If you just washed your hands but you feel that a particular smell is difficult to get rid of, for example, left by having touched some food or anything else. In any case we recommend this soap because it is the perfect solution for situations like that. Thanks to its contribution in vitamins A, B and C, and being made of exotic crops from Danish orchards, it can be used not only for hands cleaning your hands and have them perfumed, but also to improve your skin, due to the active components and nutrients that will receive from using this excellent soap.

    You do not have to worry about secondary effects produced by chemicals, as it has none. This is a product that we are proud to present, among many other things, due to its 100% natural production, so you and your family can be calm because this product does not cause annoying irritations that other products do, as they contain harmful unhealthy agents. To top it off, it comes in a practical and user-friendly container, this is because its innovative dispenser allows us markedly reduce spills that conventional packs could cause. It is a product entirely design for your liking and enjoyment.

    This product is ideal for personal hygiene, perfect for everyday use in order to have very clean hands, free of any kind of germs, and not only for you, but also for all the people living in your home, Urtekram Berries Hand Soap from Biocop is a product that has to be present in every house where children live.

    Facts of Urtekram Berries Hand Soap from Biocop

    • Product made of various 100% natural fruit.
    • It eliminates any reek from the hands.
    • It nourishes and protects your hands to a large extend.
    • Its container is easy to handle and very practical.

    It eliminates those germs and bad smells, even hardest to get rid of! A product entirely designed for use at home, in the office and even you can take it with you wherever you need. It was made thinking in the hygiene of your hands and your budget. Dare to buy it and you will be taking quality of life with you, as it provides that aroma you and all your loved ones want. Expect no more!

    Recommended use: keep it in a place of easy access, whether a sink and even a dishwasher, near to a tap to use it fast whenever you need; dry you hands well after use. Do not drink.

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