Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop is the gentle treatment that your hands will thank. It was developed based on natural elements known for the benefits they provide for the skin, not only cosmetics, but also organic. Let nature provide you with what is necessary for the care of your hands.

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Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop: the virtues of nature in your hands.

Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop is designed for the protection of those who use it, presented as a soap that meets the hygienic requirements for the protection of the health of individuals using natural disinfectants. Likewise, it has been developed in such a way that its nutrients are perfectly absorbed by the human body. Plus, it is pleasant in aroma, mildness and use.

Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop has been developed through the use of eco-friendly methods, which is one of the aspects that sets this company from all its competitors. It is an organic product that does not contain chemical elements in its formula. Urtekram always thinking about its consumers has formulated this soap with the purpose of protecting the health of people while adding the cosmetic factor, giving a superior moisture to the skin, which is provided by aloe vera and glycerin, both components of natural origin.

Complementing such great benefits, the pleasant fresh smell of mint combined with orange oil (extracted from its skin, where the best aroma of the fruit is concentrated) also including melissa for its sweet fragrance, which will help you relax your hands, as one of the ingredients used to make Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop, with the purpose of boosting the care to the skin. Each of the ingredients comes from plantations that do not damage the environment. So, use Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop as a complement for the care of your skin and show off beautiful and neat hands. Today, thanks to this product, just like you take care of your legs, now the hydration and smoothness of your hands is at your fingertips.

Facts of Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop:

  • Ingredients grown in eco-friendly plantations.
  • Has a pleasant aroma and consistency.
  • The disinfectant elements used are 100% nature.
  • Has excellent amounts of moisturizing elements obtained from aloe vera and glycerin, which are known to be beneficial for the skin.

You should always avoid to put your health at risk by using products that are made from natural elements. In the particular case of Urtekram Aloe Vera Hand Soap from Biocop, it constitutes an excellent option for the care, smoothness and appearance of your skin. Forget about the dryness of your skin after drying your hands, take delight in its pleasant aroma and mildness.

Recommended use: it is advisable to wash your hands when you arrive at your home, before eating and also after using the bathroom, as a protection to your health. Just put a little on your hands and rub it thoroughly between your fingers, palm and top, then rinse with water to remove any remaining residues. Finally, dry with a clean towel.

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