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Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram - 75 ml

Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is a cream that is made from organic farming products. It is a wonderful cream that does not have any type of perfume, aroma or fragrance, but that is able to leave your hands as soft as silk from the first application.

    Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop, perfect for your hands, to take care of them, protect them and thus have hands as smooth as silk.

    Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is an incredible cream capable of leaving your hands completely soft, just like the silk itself, is a product that is made of various ingredients that come from a plant organic agriculture, so it does not have any allergens that could cause damage to your skin or your hands and is that this wonderful cream has in its formula several types of natural super protectors such as evening primrose oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and also almond oil capable of protecting your skin right from the first application of this cream on your hands. One of its main ingredients is water, also known as H2O, which is able to help and improve the hydration of your skin which greatly benefits the care and protection of your hands.

    Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is a cream suitable for all kinds of people who want to give better care to their hands such as athletes, sportsmen, children, adults and young people and even for vegetarians and vegans, since it is only made with vegetable products. In addition, this is a soft cream whose purpose is to moisturize and take care of your hands with its formula that is completely made of natural ingredients from plant origin. This cream works for those people who suffer from various skin reactions such as cutaneous allergies, it is a cream able to help the regeneration of the skin and protects it from other diverse elements that could irritate, damage or hurt it, all these benefits make it an excellent and 100% nutritious protective cream, ideal for your skin.

    Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is very effective when it comes to leaving your hands soft like silk, in addition to being certified by the "Danish Association of Asthma and Allergy" and by EcoCert, in short, it is a cream of very good quality capable of making your hands soft, moisturized and well cared, in addition that protects them thanks to its ingredients. It is a cream without any smell, perfume or mild fragrance, but is completely nourishing and effective for your skin.

    Facts of Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop

    • With natural ingredients.
    • Certified by EcoCert.
    • Container made of recycled materials.
    • Easy to carry.
    • Moisturizes your hands.
    • No aroma.
    • Protects your hands.
    • Perfect for vegans.
    • Softens your hands.
    • Without allergen elements.

    Hand Cream No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is an incredible cream easy to take everywhere, in addition, its formula does not have chemical elements harmful to your health since all the ingredients used are completely natural, also its label and pack are made of materials completely recycled and reusable for the purpose to protect and keep the environment in good condition.

    Recommended use: as a product for external use only, apply a small amount on dry and clean skin, then massage gently until absorbed.

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