Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop is an excellent drink taken daily by the Japanese people. This type of tea has antioxidant and digestive properties, plus a low content of theine. This green tea is obtained by means of organic farming.

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    Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop provides amazing properties for the health of your body.

    Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop is a tea well-known in Japan. It is not fermented and is made in an ecological way, so it provides your body with digestive and antioxidant qualities through the properties of Bancha.

    Thousands of Japanese people drink this tea every day, since they have known for many years that this type of tea helps the organism, especially the digestive part. Moreover, Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop has a very pleasant taste, so it becomes one of the favorite drinks, not only of Japanese, but of many people around the world.

    To make this green tea naturally, or through organic farming, the leaves of Bancha are taken at the end of the summer, that way more benefits are obtained from the properties of such leaves. Therefore, when you take this green tea, your body gets a lot of benefits. Those who drink it may notice and feel how their body and digestive system is cleaned in a very simple way. Staying healthy have not to be difficult because with this tea, you can keep your body healthy.

    Taking Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop not only help those who suffer from digestive or other problems, but it can also contribute to lead a healthy life. With just a cup of green tea daily, your body will start to feel better and you will be able to feel and look good. In addition, this green tea has the ability to relieve stress, because it can make you relax, which, by the way, everyone needs from time to time, and even better if it happens every day.

    Facts of Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop lima (biocop)

    • Has a pleasant flavor and is aromatic.
    • Grown in an ecological way.
    • Contains antioxidant properties.
    • Contains alkalizing qualities.
    • Help the digestive system.
    • Low in theine (caffeine present in tea).
    • Not fermented.
    • Does not provide calories.
    • Relaxing.

    Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop is a perfect companion for those who want to lead a healthy life, and of course, to obtain all the properties and great benefits that Bancha brings to the body. This tea turns out to be not only an antioxidant, or enhancer of the digestive system, but it is also very relaxing, so it should be taken daily to allay anxiety and relieve stress.

    Recommended use: Bancha Lima Green Tea from Biocop can be taken at any time of day. The recommended amount is a cup, which is enough to get all the benefits of this eco-friendly product. To top it all off, it is even suitable for vegans, so they will lead a healthier lifestyle.

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