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Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo - 8g

Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo are a set of ready-to-sow seeds, which turn into a well-known herb, parsley, which is widely used to season food and get exquisite dishes in both taste and smell. It is a product suitable for the whole family plus it is very beneficial for health as it is natural, healthy and delicious.

    Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo, a delicious touch of smell and taste.

    Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo are a set of seeds ready to sow, they come in a container hermetically sealed for its conservation for a long time, which once turned into plants, provide a lot of vitamins and minerals, energy, which are very beneficial for the health of the whole family.

    Sprouting of this seed is very slow, as it takes about four months in this process after being planted until it becomes a plant, then, the leaves can be pulled out carefully without damaging the plant. Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo is a product essential at home when it comes to cooking, as it gives a delicious flavor and smell to all your recipes.

    Parsley is an aromatic herb that is well known worldwide, which in addition to being used to prepare countless dishes, offers many properties positive to those who consume it, as it is a ingredient rich in vitamins and minerals, energy, which are very beneficial for your health. Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo are a set of biological agriculture seeds, perfectly preserved and ready for sowing, they sprout slowly, so it is recommended to sow them with time in advance before spring and autumn.

    Seeds should be soaked a few hours  before being planted, after this, their germination takes about 20 days and then 3 months for the sprouting and growth of the plants. After that time has elapsed, pull out the leaves of the plants without damaging the shoots and use them as seasoning in the recipes and dishes you prepare at home. These give your food a touch of delicious taste and very nice smell. Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo can be consumed by all members of your home and added to different types of dishes, it is a delicious, healthy and natural seasoning, something that is always essential in your kitchen.

    Facts of Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo

    • From biological agriculture.
    • Boosts the smell and taste of the food you prepare.
    • Seeds preserved in a hermetically sealed pack.
    • Contributes vitamins, minerals and energy.

    Naples' Giant Parsley Sow Geo are a set of seeds that, with proper care, turn into healthy and nutritious plants, which are ideal to prepare exquisite dishes with excellent taste and smell, so it is a seasoning essential to prepare your favorite recipes at home.

    Recommended use: as a seasoning for preparing recipes at home. As slowly germinated seeds, they take about 20 days to germinate and about 3 months to be able to pull the leaves out and use them as a seasoning to prepare smelling food.

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