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Garlic (seasoning) - 50g

Garlic from Biocop in grain to aromatize dishes of vegetables, meats and fish. Garlic is depurative and diuretic. It stimulates gastric fluid. It has one of the most intense flavors that we can find in the gastronomy.

    Garlic from Biocop is the seasoning that can not be missing in your kitchen, it will give an incredible flavor and taste to your recipes.

    Garlic from Biocop is used mainly as a seasoning because it has one of the most intense flavors that we can find in the gastronomy. This strong flavor is due to its most characteristic and active component, allicin which, in addition to providing its aroma and taste, gives it a good part of its beneficial properties. Garlic is a vegetable that belongs to the genus Allium, such as onion, chives and leeks. However, it stands out from its counterparts for the high caloric input it provides because of its high protein and carbohydrate content, because it has less water than other similar foods.

    Garlic from Biocop presented in glass bottle with doser, which makes it perfect when adding it to your recipes or preparations. In addition, garlic also stands out against other bulbs because of its higher mineral content: it contains, above all, potassium but also phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. As for vitamins, it provides B vitamins and vitamin C, like other similar vegetables. Garlic is a vasodilator food, which helps blood to reach all corners of the body and to some extent prevent atheroma plaques formed by cholesterol. This vasodilatory effect also helps control hypertension and thus prevent heart disease.

    Garlic from Biocop there are numerous ways to use garlic as an ingredient in our dishes, whether in scrambled, soups, even simply grilled. Its reputation as a healthy food, throughout history, is scientifically grounded. It has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol, help eliminate toxins and is an excellent ally against infections. Seasonings are an essential part of the kitchen, they help us to boost the flavor of our dishes and give it that special touch that characterizes us. Garlic from Biocop is one of those that seems to be present in several recipes. Biocop offers us this practical version that will make our work easier when preparing our best recipes adding an incredible flavor and taste.

    Facts of Garlic from Biocop

    • Will give an incredible flavor to your best recipes.
    • Presented in glass bottle with doser.
    • Depurative and diuretic.
    • Provides B vitamins and vitamin C.
    • Will help you to boost the flavor of your favorite dishes.

    Garlic from Biocop will be your best ally in your kitchen. If at the time of cooking you feel that something is missing to your recipes, add Garlic from Biocop and solve that annoying problem.

    Recommended use: as a cooking seasoning, add it to your best recipes.

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