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Fenugreek Germinate Geo - 35g

Fenugreek Germinate Geo from Biocop are seeds to germinate, which after this process contain a high percentage of proteins and minerals, have a strong and spicy flavor at the same time. This product helps to have a good digestion or more efficient assimilation of the nutrients contained in food consumed.

    Fenugreek Germinate Geo from Biocop. Get in a single product a wonderful intense flavor and many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals that will improve your digestion.

    Fenugreek Germinate Geo from Biocop are seeds intended for germination, in this particular case, its flavor will largely depend on how this process is carried out, which allows to obtain varied intensity of flavors depending if they grow in the light or not. It is worth mentioning that these seeds increase their qualities when consumed in the form of sprout or germinated; Now, once this process has been completed on the recommended days, the result of said germination is a great source of proteins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, in addition to this it contains fiber that is indispensable for the intestines, which helps regulate them.

    This magnificent product provides a nutrient-rich diet, therefore, it is ideal for sportsmen, athletes or anyone who wants a nutritious food and full of energy, they are also very versatile when combined, can be with other sprouts, for preparations of cold dishes, to add to salads, eat as a snack or on their own. To add to this, these sprouts contain healthy or unsaturated fats, which fulfill different functions within the organism, therefore it is essential to consume them from foods whose fat has not been transformed or processed industrially, such is the case of these rich seeds to germinate.

    Fenugreek Germinate Geo from Biocop offers its consumers a nutritional product of high nutritional quality, where the result lies in the germination process, it is important to clarify that several aspects must be taken into consideration, such as water, the amount of seeds, light, temperature, especially the hygiene to perform this type of work. On the other hand, it is important to highlight that this type of sprout in itself represents a potent source of nutrients that entails benefits for the overall health.

    Facts of Fenugreek Germinate Geo from Biocop

    • Strong and spicy flavor
    • High content of vitamins and minerals
    • Contains fiber
    • Favors digestion
    • Contains healthy or unsaturated fats
    • Ideal for cold dishes

    Fenugreek Germinate Geo from Biocop improves your quality of life, offering a completely natural product, guaranteeing an excellent flavor and great properties thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains. Additionally, it supports the most effective assimilation of food. Nutrition to the fullest!

    Recommended use: soak for 8 hours, then put them on the trays used to germinate at room temperature and good lighting conditions. It should be moistened 2-3 times a day until full germination is achieved, which lasts approximately 3-5 days. While this process occurs, the seeds will have increased 4 times their original volume. Before eating them, wash them well.

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