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Fennel Infusion - 20 tea bags

A cup of fennel infusion is incredibly wonderful to drink right after a meal because fennel is a highly digestive herb, helping to have a very healthy digestion, in fact, it fights gases and colic. In addition, this rich organic infusion will boost your well-being incredibly, as fennel is also depurative and antibacterial.

    Prepare a satisfying fennel infusion to enjoy a pleasant digestion and greater well-being in your life.

    Fennel Infusion from Biocop is made deliciously with leaves and organic flowers of the highly praised fennel herb, which has excellent qualities for your health, since it is a super-digestive natural beverage, helping to avoid colic, gas and flatulence after eating, it even has antibacterial effects that naturally combat bad breath. It is also anti-inflammatory, depurative and produces a perfect operation of the respiratory tract.

    Fennel Infusion from Biocop is a fabulous natural infusion that was specially designed to improve your well-being, as, in addition to enjoying a unique and relaxing moment while you drink an appetizing tea, you will also be giving your body the fabulous advantage of feeling better, especially, because it is an infusion that is splendidly made from the various parts of the fennel plant, namely, with its flowers and leaves, which have many qualities of medicinal and therapeutic nature.

    Ideally, you should take this tasty and fresh fennel infusion after eating, mainly because it is an exquisite herbal infusion that can be prepared every day to optimize digestion, helping to avoid heartburn, excess gases, indigestion, even, annoying cramps. When you drink it hot, it produces a sense of placidity, lets your meal go down, and at the end of the day, you will be very pleased to have enjoyed lunch and dinner without feeling discomfort. Plus, it is also a drink that contributes to have a pleasant and fresh breath, as fennel is antibacterial, essentially, in the oral area.

    On the other hand, a fennel infusion superbly alleviates the respiratory tract, helping you to relax that whole area of ​​your body, being very useful to relieve cough naturally. In addition, fennel is also diuretic, therefore, this drink will work directly to get rid of the retention of liquids superbly, something that is highly appreciated and ideal if you want to support the weight loss process.

    Facts of Fennel Infusion from Biocop:

    • Tasty, fresh and light infusion prepared ecologically with fennel leaves and flowers.
    • Stimulates a very healthy, pleasant and comfortable digestion.
    • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and diuretic.
    • Provides total relaxation to the respiratory tract.
    • Does not have sugars added.

    If you like to feel good after a pleasant meal, then drink a cup og the super-tasty and ultra-digestive Fennel Infusion from Biocop, as, in addition to make your digestion very pleasant and healthy, it will also be a means of enjoyment of other extraordinarily positive health effects.

    Recommended use: this ecological infusion is prepared by leaving one (1) tea bag or filter of fennel tea in your favorite cup to then adding boiling water, that is, very hot, and finally, let it rest for 3 minutes. It can be drunk naturally, or sweetened with honey.

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