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Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk - 275cl

Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk from Biocop is a delicious and refreshing carbonated ginger drink and sweetened with natural apple juice to drink whenever you want. Thanks to its exotic flavor that does not cloy and is very fresh, without a doubt, it will immerse us in a moment of pleasure. In addition, its ingredients come from organic farming, so we can enjoy it without limits.

    Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk from Biocop: delicious and refreshing natural drink to take whenever you want.

    Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk from Biocop is a delicious carbonated drink with ginger extract and sweetened with apple juice, ideal to drink cold at any time of the day and enjoy a moment of pleasure. In addition, thanks to its pleasant combination with ginger it gives us a very refreshing feeling, so it is a perfect alternative to drink when it is hot, also stands out for being very healthy because all its ingredients come from the best organic farming.

    Drinking a cold, pleasant and fresh drink will always be an opportunity for when it is very hot or you want to drink something rich, however, it is no secret that most conventional carbonated drinks have a high content of sugars, calories and fats that do not do good to the body. But there is no reason to lose your temper, Biocop always thinks about our well-being, that is why, it has created Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk, which is made mainly of natural extracts of ginger and sweetened with apple juice to bring to our comfort a healthy alternative, perfect and without added sugars to enjoy without limitations.

    One of the main advantages of Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk from Biocop is that it has all the advantages of ginger, so it is positioned as an incredibly beneficial drink for the proper operation of the body, also, do not forget that ginger has a very peculiar flavor that cool when you taste it. For more pleasure and tasting, the advantages of apple juice have also been added, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that undoubtedly offer us a healthy consumption, and in terms of its flavor, it sweetens slightly, contributing a delicious sweet taste without impaling. In short, Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk from Biocop is a carbonated soft drink, natural, delicious and suitable for all lifestyles, so anyone who wants to drink something fresh and healthy can do so without limitations since it is designed for the consumption of sportsmen, vegans, vegetarians or anyone who is a lover of well-being.

    Facts of Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk from Biocop

    • Delicious and refreshing carbonated drink made with ginger
    • No added sugars
    • Exquisitely sweetened with apple juice
    • To drink it cold
    • Ingredients from the best organic farming

    When it is very sunny there is always a desperate desire to drink something refreshing and cold, for this reason, Drink Ginger Beer Naturfrisk from Biocop is the best alternative to satisfy the craving, it is a natural and beneficial drink to ingest without limits.

    Recommended use: drink cold when you want, be thirsty or very hot. Keep at room temperature and once consumed it is convenient to recycle the glass in a green container.

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