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Rapunzel Dried Figs - 250 g

Rapunzel Dried Figs from Biocop is an excellent choice for varying food. In fact, it is a product recommended for children because it has a lot of properties that are a perfect fit for their development. It is also perfect for athletes or for any person resolved to take the road to a healthier lifestyle.

    Rapunzel Dried Figs from Biocop will keep you active all day long thanks to its properties.

    It is a product mostly consumed by children and the elderly for the components that make it up. In its formula, it includes both calcium and magnesium and provide more energy than any other food. In fact, Rapunzel Dried Figs from Biocop is so coveted for this same reason, the energy it produces in people is amazing. To start the day on the right foot and the best face, there is nothing better than this product.

    A sun-dried product, from biodynamic agriculture and with a high amount of fiber, that meets the requirements of the cardiovascular system quite well. These figs are of a considerable size, so it is very easy to spread them over a full month. These specimens have a juicy skin, which leaves a wonderful aromatic cloud that is nice to smell. It is low in fat, with a non-abusive proportion of sugars.

    The best thing about this food supplement is that you can use figs in several recipes. Although you have the option to consume it as you received it in the pack, in small pieces. You can also make the excellent dishes for an important dinner, from rice salad with figs, rabbit with figs and even a tasty fig cake also counts. The favorite option of the grandmothers is the latter, fig cakes, because thanks to all their ingredients they produce provide the energy and liveliness that we all need to cope with a new day.

    Go ahead and change all your recipes a little, and discover the wonders you can do with a small pack of dried figs. It is an appetizer that you can buy at an affordable price, cheaper than many other products on the market. The best of three, four or five worlds meets in this product. With figs you have a long list of recipes at your disposal, do not waste it. Also, do not forget the implicit benefits it brings to a healthy condition.

    Facts of Rapunzel Dried Figs from Biocop

    • Contributes to your digestion.
    • A 100% natural product, free of additives or others.
    • Rich in fiber, calcium and magnesium.
    • A distinctive product for its contribution in vitamin B3.
    • High in calories.
    • Provides excellent energetic properties.

    We highly recommend buying this product blindfolded because of its excellent contributions to the body. A product with which you can change your recipes or taste with small additional supplements. It is ideal for all kinds of recipes, from the sweetest to the saltiest.

    Recommended use: once you open the pack, eat small pieces on their own or accompanied with another food. Do not leave exposed to hot areas, keep it in cool places or at room temperature.

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