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Bioster Dijon - 200 g

Bioster Dijon from Biocop is a fine-texture mustard that combines the best properties of ingredients obtained from organic farming. This product of 100% organic and natural origin is the perfect choice to accompany or season any dish you have in mind. A delight to incorporate in recipes of salads, sandwiches, chickens, hamburgers and others.

    Bioster Dijon from Biocop is a type of spicy mustard that boosts the flavor of your meals in an organic and natural way.

    Bioster Dijon from Biocop is a product made from organic ingredients, thus ensuring an excellent nutritional contribution to any food on which it is used. Inspired by healthy and rich consumption to innovate your recipes in a different way.

    A food supplement that is presented in an excellent container, with the ideal size to be squeezed to the maximum. Take advantage of the exotic color of Bioster Dijon from Biocop to give life to your favorite dishes, while at the same time, boosting their flavor.

    A product designed and prepared with ecological origin to satisfy the most demanding palates. It is ideal to be included in completely vegan diets, as it is also recommended for athletes or people who are willing to lose weight. Also, its low-calorie composition makes it the perfect accompaniment for appetizers and salads. Its delicious flavor and benefits has made it a success in the main distribution chains throughout Europe, especially in countries such as Spain, Belgium and France.

    Bioster Dijon from Biocop presents all the advantages of regular mustards with the added benefit of being completely organic. This seasoning is good for the body, as it provides large amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. On the other hand, by including Bioster Dijon from Biocop in your daily diet, you will enjoy the multiple benefits it gives, for example, improvement of the digestion.

    Its versatility makes it an indispensable item in your kitchen. It is an incredible option to prepare salad dressings, sandwiches and even to please the little ones in the house with delicious hot dogs. A product that offers unlimited freedom to use as you see fit. In short, Bioster Dijon from Biocop is essential to prepare the best meals. Your family or close friends will be pleased in a matter of seconds thanks to its delicious flavor.

    Facts of Bioster Dijon from Biocop

    • From organic farming.
    • Comes in a container convenient for easy transfer.
    • Suitable for vegan diets.
    • Ideal to dress your favorite foods.
    • Recommended for athletes, or people who want to take care of their body's shape. 

    Bioster Dijon from Biocop is a type of mustard designed for people just like you who like tasty healthy products. It is free of additives, colorings, preservatives or other elements harmful to your body. An alternative that works as the perfect accompaniment for all types of meals. Make your dishes have a distinctive flavor and save face with your acquaintances. Do not miss the opportunity to give an special touch to your meals with the unique flavor of this delicious sauce.

    Recommended use: as a liquid condiment to give extra flavor to food. Keep at room temperature. Once opened, always keep in the refrigerator to prolong its quality and shelf life.

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