Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant - 50 ml

Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop has an unbeatable composition of organic and fully effective ingredients, which help you enjoy a good personal hygiene since it protects you against unpleasant odors throughout the day, stops the proliferation of bacteria in your armpits, and protects your skin.

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Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop has a perfectly balanced composition that helps you be and feel protected against unpleasant odors throughout the day.

Thanks to its harmoniously integrated organic ingredients, Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop takes care of your personal hygiene properly, since it promotes the masking or destruction of unpleasant odors in your armpits; inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and provides a magnificent sensation of smoothness, so that you feel confident while doing your daily tasks. In addition, it gives off a delicate smell of wild roses that will make you feel really good. Plus, it is absorbed quickly and does not stain.

Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop is one of those personal hygiene products that gains your favor because, unlike other deodorants, this excellent product has a perfectly balanced composition of vegetable and natural ingredients, such as glycerin, olive oil, Geranium oil (smells like roses) and citronella, which act effectively against the unpleasant smell that usually sweaty armpits give off. In addition, one of the advantages you will find when using Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop on a daily basis is that once you roll it on your armpits, it will eliminate with total effectiveness the bacteria that frequently proliferate such body part, and thereafter, it will keep you protected against unpleasant odors all day, free of those bad smells that can sometimes cause embarrassing moments. But, the best thing about it is that you will smell like wild roses, which, of course, will not go unnoticed.

With the pleasant Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop, you can do your tasks with complete freshness and confidence. On top of that, in order to further facilitate your personal hygiene, this deodorant comes with a practical fast-absorption roll-on system for you to apply it delicately on your armpits, and thus feel every inch of your skin protected. Also, as it is composed of organic extracts, this deodorant does not stain your skin, let alone the clothes you wear at the moment of application, even if their color is white or dark, so it really is an excellent and practical product for your personal hygiene, therefore, you should try it today.

Facts of Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop

  • Effectively eliminates bacteria in the armpits.
  • Protects all day against unpleasant odors.
  • Impregnates an exquisite smell of roses on your skin.
  • With a practical roll-on application system.
  • Does not stain skin or clothes. 

You know that finding your ideal deodorant can be an impossible and, sometimes, overwhelming task, with so many options that you cannot easily decide. However, Urtekram Roll-on Roses Deodorant from Biocop is the deodorant that will meet all your needs, as it is pleasant, effective, generous with your skin, and the best thing is that it protects you throughout the day.

Recommended use: apply this deodorant after bathing gently on your armpits, from top to bottom only once. Let it dry a bit and then proceed to get dressed.

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