Urtekram No Perfume Roll-on Deodorant - 50 ml

This deodorant is the ideal option for those who seek to take care of their body naturally. This product will get rid of possibly harmful elements that would negatively affect your body in the long term. Created from natural ingredients extracted in a hundred percent organic way, always thinking of you and your personal hygiene.

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  • Vegan

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Urtekram No Perfume Roll-on Deodorant from Biocop provides the best and most durable protection on the market.

Urtekram No Perfume Roll-on Deodorant from Biocop, coming from Scandinavian lands, is a product designed from elements of organic origin that is aim at offering you the right deodorant for your daily personal hygiene and well-being.

Designed as a deodorant of great protection and quality, which adapts to all types of activities that could be carried out throughout the day, enjoy total protection to prevent annoying situations and be fully functional in the daily routine. The first characteristic in favor of this product is its lack of smell, so it does not give strange perfumes to your body, thus allowing your natural smell to reign throughout the day without the annoying odor that sweat produces. In addition, thanks to the ingredients used for its preparation, the absorption and waste that may affect the appearance of your clothing or skin are non-existent.

Urtekram No Perfume Roll-on Deodorant from Biocop has as its main purpose to be a basic product for those people with delicate skin who require more care to avoid uncomfortable damage to their body, so it has been approved to be used by people prone to develop some type of allergy, therefore you can freely enjoy your activities, wear sleeveless garments, with sleeves of different sizes and enjoy your daily activities or special moments to the fullest.

Urtekram No Perfume Roll-on Deodorant from Biocop is a shining example of innovation when it comes to toiletries, as it helps you keep off odors produced by the body's natural sweating, while at the same time procuring external protection to the skin, preventing white patches on it or even stains on clothing. In the same way, it is an innovation within the elements for personal hygiene and grooming. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that its origin is 100 organic, which contributes to the protection of the environment while nourishing, softening and protects your skin, by eliminating bacteria that produce odors.

Facts of Urtekram No Perfume Roll-on Deodorant from Biocop

  • Developed based on ingredients of organic origin.
  • Does not contain perfume.
  • Ideal for people prone to suffer allergies from different products.
  • Made from mineral salts that completely protect the body.
  • Ensures lack of waste and is quickly absorbed by the body.
  • Designed to generate satisfaction in people.
  • From Scandinavian knowledge and technologies.

Let yourself be enveloped by the wisdom of nature condensed in a deodorant bottle that will provide you with the protection you have always sought, whether in the day or at night, the long duration of its benefits will be suitable for any type of activity.

Recommended use: apply a layer on the skin of the armpit after the shower to hydrate the area. Use in the day or at night.

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