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Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram - 50 ml

Biocop presents a new product in its range for personal care, Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram from Biocop, specially designed for those people with high levels of energy such as, athletes and people in general, who like to have protection and the smell of a natural fragrance based on lavender and scent of eucalyptus.

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    Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram from Biocop was created with special aroma and easy absorption, to keep you protected from excessive sweating, in those days of high intensity where your demands exceed the limits.

    Biocop brings this time a new product, Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram from Biocop, which was developed and certified under the best quality standards, with the guarantee that characterises all the personal care products made by this Danish brand with a track record of more than 30 years in the market, especially in European and Anglo-Saxon countries. This wonderful product is elaborated in an organic way, which enhances the care of those sensitive areas of the skin and thus, avoiding irritations and odors, especially for athletes who are subjected to constant sweating during high performance trainings.

    Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram from Biocop is composed of a delicate fragrance of lavender, fine extracts of Eucalyptus and Glycerin. Ideal product for daily use to keep you protected in all your routine physical activities and high demands with excessive sweating during the practice of high performance sports.

    Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram from Biocop gives the general public and especially high performance athletes the necessary protection to feel safe 24 hours a day, so physical exertion transformed into sweat will not play a dirty trick on you, making you feel embarrassed in those moments where you should be focused on and have the control. In those moments, you must have an ally that gives you confidence and authority to give the best of you, without distracting yourself in details of personal hygiene. In fact, this is  an ally that will take you to success and to the top of personal care.

    Facts of Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram from Biocop

    • All the ingredients are of natural origin.
    • Does not contain ammonia or peroxides.
    • Does not contain artificial colorings or aromas.
    • Easily absorbed.
    • Not derived from hydrocarbons.
    • Not used tested on animals.
    • Has an exquisite fragrance.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Does not stain clothes.
    • Recognised by quality certification bodies.

    In an industrialized world, Deodorant Roll-on Eucalyptus Urtekram from Biocop is an excellent option because it gives you the protection you need in your personal hygiene. Additionally, it is a product that makes you an ally of the conservation of the planet because it is made from organic products. For this reason, we recommend, as a premium product, Deodorant Roll-on Eucaliptus Urtekram from Biocop. This product has multiple benefits, and when applied on the armpits allows you to enjoy full comfort and protection, by staying free of unpleasant sweating. Stay active and fresh 24 hours a day with this wonderful natural product that is specially suitanle for your personal hygiene.

    Recommended use: as a natural product for personal care and hygiene, apply on the armpit area once a day or as often as necessary, to remain free of unpleasant sweating.

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