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Date Syrup Rapunzel - 250g

Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop is a delicious syrup only made of of 100% natural dates from ecological farms and water, ideal to add it to breakfasts, yogurt, mueslis, granola and a variety of dishes, drinks and breaded products. One original way to sweeten your dishes with a product natural.

    Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop: a completely natural product to sweeten any food you want.

    Sweetness and dates go hand in hand. In different cultures is well-known this characteristic of dates, the fruit of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), and therefore, they have been used for a very long time in the Middle East, where it comes from, to sweeten and give a delicious taste to their typical dishes, such as the Ka’ak, a bun sweetened with this delicious fruit.

    Thanks to sweet nature of dates, Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop have been created, which uses 100% natural and organic dates, grown in ecological farms in Northern Africa, specifically in Tunisia, plus, in its production process, in addition to the fruit, only water is used, which gives as a result a wonderful natural product that is totally free of preservatives, sweeteners, colorings or any other artificial additive. The process to make the syrup is simple, first, dates are pitted and boiled in water. Then, pressed, filtered and leave to stand, the resulting syrup is filtered again, and finally bottled, pack and distributed.

    This delicious Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop will be the ideal accompaniment to breakfasts, snacks and any other food you want to sweeten, but also serves to prepare wonderful Eastern recipes or those traditional to the ayurvedic diet, being the ideal ingredient to prepare spicy dishes. Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop only uses dates harvested in ecological farms in Tunisia, besides they are marketed according to the fair trade project Hand in Hand, in this way the environment, the farmer and the end consumer are benefited.

    Facts of Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Only made of 100% natural dates and water.
    • Contains dates coming from ecological farming and marketed under the well known project of fair trade Hand in Hand.
    • Completely free of preservatives, sweeteners, colorings or any other artificial additive.
    • Endorsed by the German certificate DE-OKO-001.
    • Ideal to sweeten a wide variety of drinks and dishes (specially, the spicy ones).
    • Dates from ecological farms in Tunisia.
    • Eye-catching pack and natural sweet taste.

    Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop is ideal for sweetening a wide range of dishes, baked products, drinks, breakfasts and snacks, besides, it is ideal ingredient to prepare spicy dishes traditional to the Middle East. It is a 100% vegan product, made of dates from ecological farming and a fair trade project.

    Recommended use: Date Syrup Rapunzel from Biocop is specially recommended for sweetening tea, smoothies, shakes or any other drink you want to boost with this amazing syrup, also for cooking, desserts, to add to yogurt and mueslis, also for sweet and bitter marinades, Eastern dishes or traditional breakfasts of the ayurvedic diet. Keep in the fridge once open.

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