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Curry Powder (Seasoning) - 30g

It is a cooking seasoning in which a variety of spices are mixed to give an exotic touch to your meals and also benefits your health by the properties of its ingredients. Ideal for all those people who want to prepare dishes with a different but delicious taste.

    Curry Powder from Biocop

    It is a mixture of several spices, among which stand out turmeric, coriander, black pepper, mustard, cumin and fennel. It is typical in Indian cuisine where a wide variety of spices are used, unlike Western cuisine where curry powder seasoning is usually more standard in the spices used.

    Biocop presents this product with added value because it comes from organic farming. In the culinary use, Curry Powder from Biocop raises the flavor of the different foods making them more appetizing and at the same time provides health benefits as among its ingredients stand out turmeric, which besides giving flavor and color to the meals, highlights the yellow color, can help prevent cardiovascular diseases because it contains antioxidant elements. Likewise, there are indications that predict its help in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, specifically acidity. Turmeric seasoning is widely used in Asian cuisine, expanding to cuisines in other regions and continents such as Africa, America and Europe. It should be noted that another ingredient used in this curry powder seasoning is black pepper, it gives that spicy touch and exquisite flavor to the meals. It also has possible positive effects on the blood circulation. The unmistakable aroma of cumin, the pleasant taste of fennel and mustard and the unmistakable taste of coriander, make this seasoning a great ally to enhance the flavor of your dishes.

    In the kitchen, there are a variety of seasonings to enhance the flavor of each dish. Curry Powder from Biocop makes the difference as it is presented as a product that gives you a double benefit, on the one hand, it makes your meals have an unmistakable flavor and color and on the other, it benefits your health by the properties of each of its components. To top it off, it comes from organic farming, which makes it free of toxic waste that is detrimental to health and the environment. This product aims at giving an unequaled flavor to your meals, satisfy your palate and protect your health.

    Facts of Curry Powder from Biocop

    • Antioxidant and energizing effects
    • Helps in cases of gastrointestinal problems
    • Helps in the acceleration of the metabolism
    • Practical and attractive pack

    If you want to add the exotic taste that differentiates your meals and also enjoy the benefits of a good seasoning, use Curry Powder from Biocop which offers you a product with spices of excellent quality and organic farming.

    Recommended Use: Curry Powder from Biocop can be used in the preparation of rice, curry chicken, fish, sauces, among others.

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