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Curly Escarole Sow Geo - 6g

Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop are big seeds ready to sow. Now you can grow this wonderful food in your own garden in a very simple way with these seeds.

    Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop, sowing was never so easy and fun. Try it and your reward will be healthy foods.

    Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop is an organic product with a presentation of 6 g of fresh curly escarole seeds to sow, from organic agriculture and friendly to the environment. The plant of the escarole is characterized by its elongated, curly and rustic leaves, usually used in the preparation of salads. Growing curly escaroles at home is a great idea and now Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop makes it possible. Its high water content (95% of its composition) brings a refreshing property to the dishes, and its low caloric contribution favors its consumption during the diets, so it is a perfect supplement.

    Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop is 100% organic farming, so these seeds do not have any type of alteration, it is a safe, ecological and high quality product like all biocop products, they keep intact all their natural nutrients. The consumption of escaroles is perfect to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, because their contributions to the body are many and are very beneficial; escarole is a food rich in fiber so it has a satiating effect, but it is quite light so it also favors intestinal transit. It also has a high content of vitamins A and C, and B vitamins such as B1 and B2, contains minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and sodium, and other nutrients such as ascorbic acid. Undoubtedly, the regular consumption of this powerful vegetable contributes to the maintenance of a healthy diet, since it strengthens bones, hair and teeth, as well as protecting eyesight, and because of its high fiber content its use is essential in diets to lose weight.

    Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop is an innovative way to bring the freshest vegetables to your home, what is cooler than something grown in your own garden? With the seeds of curly escaroles ready to sow you will know exactly what you are bringing to your mouth and your table, no artificial chemicals, no altered products, and no more last minute purchases for the preparation of delicious salads; With Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop the products will go from your own crop to your table.

    Facts of Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop

    • Product from 100% organic farming.
    • Ready to sow.
    • Resist the transplant.
    • Retain their natural properties.
    • Do not contain artificial chemicals.

    Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop is a high quality product designed for you, it is easy to use or sow and it can be the perfect excuse to gather the family and teach the children to grow their own vegetables, it will be the healthiest adventure your children will have. Curly Escarole Sow Geo from Biocop is a great contribution to healthy and balanced nutrition.

    Recommended use: sow during winter in greenhouses, and on full ground only from March to September. Once the plants have begun to germinate, when they have 4 or 5 leaves, transplant leaving a distance of 40-50 cm around this with respect to other plants. When the plant is almost completely grown, perform the whitening by tying it with two ropes so that the stem stays in the dark. Product with a long-lasting hermetic seal.

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