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Cucumber Sow Geo - 4g

Cucumber Sow Geo from Biocop is an organic product that contains peculiar cucumber seeds, ideal for growing and then reaping long green fruits, with white pulp and few seeds inside. It really is a perfect alternative that makes things easier for us, especially when we want to harvest from the comfort of home and eat much healthier and more natural cucumbers.

    Cucumber Sow Geo from Biocop: natural seeds to harvest cucumbers and enjoy a more beneficial consumption.

    Cucumber Sow Geo from Biocop contains the best cucumber seeds from organic farming, ideal for sowing and then reaping long, green cucumbers, with white pulp and few seeds. A very positive aspect is that this product makes things easier for us when we want to appreciate the advantages of cucumber, growing it at home and taking advantage of even more healthy, natural and beneficial consumption for the organism.

    Cucumber is a very popular vegetable to prepare delicious salads, however, there are people who prefer natural products, therefore, Biocop on this occasion brings to our comfort the best seeds of Cucumber Sow Geo, from organic farming, to grow and obtain delicious green cucumbers, long, with white pulp and few seeds. The best of all is that when grown at home, we can take advantage of their even more conserved properties and, therefore, contribute to a beneficial consumption for the organism.

    We know that in the market we can easily buy cucumbers, but sometimes, these are grown in a suspicious way, they even add pesticides and harmful elements that, without a doubt, put at risk the correct operation of our body. But there is no reason to lose your temper, the seeds of Cucumber Sow Geo from Biocop were obtained from the best organic farming, so we can be completely sure that we will plant a healthy and natural vegetable, ideal to enjoy magnificently beneficial fruits. In addition, these peculiar seeds were packaged with a hermetic and long-lasting system, so we can sow when the occasion requires it.

    Facts of Cucumber Sow Geo from Biocop

    • Cucumber seeds for sowing, coming from organic farming.
    • Long, green, white pulp cucumbers with few seeds are harvested.
    • Hermetic and long-lasting container.
    • Ideal for growing at home and contribute to a much healthier consumption.

    This product was especially designed for those who conceive good consumption as essential, therefore, the seeds of Cucumber Sow Geo from Biocop were obtained to grow rich cucumbers in the comfort of the home, in a very healthy and natural way and, thus, satisfy all the requirements of a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended use: to sow from January to March preferably in hot bed seed tray. From March to April in the seed tray and then move to land. In May directly on the prepared and fertilized land, with a distance of 1.50 m between the seeds. The pruning begins when they are 10 cm and is cut above the second leaf. The two lateral branches are cut after the third leaf. The new branches are cut after the fourth leaf.

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