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Fine Whole Rolled Oats - 500 g

Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop makes your mornings the best moment of the day, with a pleasant taste and the most nutritious benefits. These fine flakes are designed to be added to all kinds of vegetable drinks, natural juices or yoghurts. Thanks to the means of production of organic farming, all its ingredients are 100% natural and thus you can ingest a healthy food.

    Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop is a delicious option for the best mornings.

    The delicious Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop not only improve your breakfast, but also contributes very good nutritional qualities.

    Oats, besides being one of the most complete cereals, is an essential food within the intake of men and women. It is a product for recurrent consumption, with very beneficial health benefits. In addition, it is an alternative for fast cooking because it is not a very difficult to prepare. It's fast, simple and incredibly tasty. A very exquisite food supplement to successfully complete your nutrition and please all your senses.

    Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop is presented with a delicate, fine texture, which makes it feel very soft when diners put it in their mouth. It is a food very ideal to be able to provide your body with a generous amount of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. A product to fill the pantry of any family and take delight in its good taste. Thanks to the production methods used, it preserves its natural characteristics, which greatly favors your organism.

    Among the perfect foods to lose weight, we can include Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop, which it is also very appetizing and widely recommended in strict and rigorous diets, especially if they involve getting lean and weight loss. Some delicious rolled oats incorporated into the diet, it is excellent to get the most out of it. Its consumption offers elements essential for the routine of athletes and all those people who practice physical activities on a daily basis.

    Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop is a product ideal for you. It is an amazing option to give the best flavor to all your mornings and pleasantly pamper your entire family. In addition, it provides a very high content in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you can also enjoy a gradual improvement in your intestinal transit, stress levels and even strengthen your immune system. Likewise, with the energy values ​​that it incorporates, you will obtain an implacable vitality to do all your activities.

    Facts of Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop

    • From organic production.
    • Ideal to obtain high levels of energy.
    • Source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
    • May contain traces of sesame, soy and nuts.
    • Contains gluten.
    • Produces a feeling of fullness.
    • Promotes the intestinal transit.

    Fine Whole Rolled Oats from Biocop is perfect for a totally variable and rich intake. It is a food to satiate the appetite, lose weight and also take advantage of numerous nutritional sources. Thanks to these delicious rolled oats, you get a new way of improving your health in general, without losing the habit of consuming a rich and premium quality product.

    Recommended use: consume directly with milk, vegetable drinks, natural juices or yogurt. You can also cook for five minutes in boiled water and combine with the ingredients of your choice.

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